Grass fed cow ghee and buffalo ghee: which one is health friendly

Grass-fed Ghee is produced from cow or buffalo milk: depending on the milk source, ghee can be categorized as cow ghee or buffalo ghee. Both are dairy products and both are consumed as pantry staple.

Now the billion dollar question is if both Buffalo ghee and cow ghee is the same from their nutritional value and both of them offer the same health benefits.  

Minerals and vitamins

Organic grass fed cow ghee is rich in vitamins and minerals but it is easily digestible. Buffalo ghee is rich in minerals and vitamins too but it is difficult to digest.

Whereas Cow ghee is prescribed for growing kids in their diet, buffalo ghee is not prescribed for kids because it is difficult to digest.

Buffalo milk produced ghee is more fat rich than cow ghee, however, cow ghee offers more health benefits and having detoxification effect on body.

Weight loss support

According to latest research, Cow ghee is identified with the virtue of weight loss support because of its content. Those are pursuing obesity management courses, will be benefitted by adding cow ghee in diet. However, for best ghee benefits, you need to use grass fed organic ghee without additive, synthetic flavor, and preservatives. 

Alternatively, Buffalo ghee contains more fat and does not help in weight loss management by any means.  It is used for weight gaining by underweight individuals as well as people suffering from mal nutrition but buffalo ghee remedy is not suitable for kids.

Shelf stable product

Good quality organic grass fed ghee stays up to 12 months after its manufacturing but good quality buffalo ghee is more shelf-stable than cow ghee. But age-old cow ghee offers plenty of health benefits for its therapeutic qualities: but buffalo ghee is not known for such medicinal effect.

Let’s take a comparison between Cow ghee and buffalo ghee:


Organic Cow ghee Buffalo ghee
Color Yellowish white, granular texture White, smooth in texture.
Properties-fat content Contains good quality fats Contains more fat than cow ghee
Shelf-stability Up to 12 months post manufacturing Buffalo ghee is more shelf stable than cow ghee
Nutrition points It contains antioxidants and Vitamins, some protein and essential minerals. Rich in Calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.
Calorie offered Calorie rich kitchen staple Richer in calorie than cow ghee.
 Other health benefits More good cholesterol, less fat, Less cholesterol, more fat, more calories
Cholesterol and fats More good cholesterol and lesser fat Lesser cholesterol and more fat
Diseases can be cured


Improves Bones and Dental Health, Reduces Obesity In Children,  ensure Protection From Thyroid Diseases, And controls Cardiovascular Health Healthy Bones, Dental Health, Cardiovascular Health, And Weight Gain
Top consumers and producers All over the world: especially New Zealand and Switzerland.

South Asia (India, Pakistan) and Italy

Cow ghee vs. Buffalo ghee: Which is good for pregnancy diet?

Cow ghee is highly prescribed for a lady who is pregnant. The nutrients in cow ghee helps in improving the immunity level of the consumer. This is one of the reasons cow ghee in diet is prescribed for the carrying lady. Besides improving her health, ghee in diet helps in the development of her to-be-born child.

The advantages of cow ghee in diet:

  • Cow ghee helps in reducing the pre-term labor.
  • Cow ghee is expected to boost the kids’ memory, concentration power.
  • Grass fed cow-ghee helps in brain development of to –be-born baby.

No such therapeutic effect is found for buffalo ghee, and that makes cow ghee superior in its quality. Cow ghee is more used in making medicines, whereas buffalo ghee is not that flavorful like Grass fed cow ghee.

Cow ghee and buffalo ghee: which is good for kids?

In comparison to buffalo milk made ghee, cow ghee is a healthier option especially for kids. It is full of saturated fats, but other nutrients and vitamins are good for kids’ balanced growth and development.

Cow ghee is easy to digest is taken with food, hence helps kids for faster digestion. It contains butyrate that regularize vowel movement of the kid.

This is the common properties comparison between organic grass fed cow ghee and buffalo ghee. However, there are other differences like,

  • There are some other points, which can be referred to understand the healthier option between buffalo and cow ghee. For example,
  • Cow ghee helps in detoxification of digestive system, but no such quality of buffalo ghee is known yet.
  • Grass fed cow ghee is good dry eye syndrome: patients can apply pure cow ghee in eyes before bedtime. No such medicinal benefit of buffalo ghee is known till date.
  • Cow ghee is known for its gut friendly properties, but buffalo ghee has no such quality. It is rich in fat only.
  • As Buffalo ghee is difficult to digest, it is hardly prescribed in pregnancy diet, whereas organic ghee is happily prescribed in pregnancy diet for the nutritional benefit of the carrying mother as well as for the fetus in the mother’s womb.
  • Cow ghee can be used as nose drop to stop sudden nose bleed: Buffalo ghee cannot work as a natural remedy to stop nosebleed.


From all these differences, it can be safely assume that cow ghee is better than buffalo ghee in terms of health benefits provided you use the best quality grass fed organic ghee.

For example, you can use Milkio Grass fed cow ghee and enjoy all grass fed ghee benefits for your health..