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Liquid Butter: How to replace it for better health

Liquid butter is the melted butter, and it is easy to convert solid butter into its liquid form. Butter is made of mostly milk fat, hence it gets easily melted. As it is a milk made product, butter contains some parts of milk proteins like lactose and casein.

Because of this protein-part, butter may cause food allergy for lactose-intolerant people, and that is why lactose-intolerant people often try to find an alternative to butter.

But what makes clarified butter an apt substitute for liquid butter? Let’s check here what makes ghee as a better butter substitute.

Like butter, ghee clarified butter works as a tasty spread

You can use liquid butter as a dairy spread on toast. Similarly, you can use cow ghee on the toast. As ghee clarified butter is free of lactose and casein, hardly people face a problem with ghee consumption.
Liquid butter can be added to morning tea and coffee. This is a favorite morning beverage for Keto diet followers. Here also ghee can be used as a melted butter substitute. In terms of good quality fat resources, ghee contains more quantity of fat than butter, which is again a reason for considering ghee as a better dairy staple than dairy butter.

Ghee is a better cooking oil

In comparison to liquefied butter, ghee clarified butter is a better cooking oil with enhanced food safety. The safety of a cooking wall depends on its smoke point, which means the stability of the oil stands responsible for its safety. Butter offers 320 degrees Fahrenheit smoking point but ghee clarified butter offers a smoke point of 482 degrees Fahrenheit, which is all-time higher than butter.
In terms of smoke point, liquid ghee is a safer cooking oil than liquid butter.

Ghee (clarified butter) is a versatile cooking oil

Liquid butter is a hood cooking oil because of its high-fat content. But the sweet taste of this dairy item is one of the reasons liquid butter is the best for cooking sweet dishes. But liquid clarified butter as a butter substitute can be used for all types of cooking and also it can work as a natural test enhancer of the cooked food.

Liquid clarified butter can be used for all types of cooking. Because of its high smoke point, liquid clarified butter is a better choice for gourmet cooking like baking, sautéing, deep-frying, and different kind of slow cooking processes. It is a good butter substitute for safe cooking as well as it is ghee cooking is helpful for health.

Clarified butter is more storage-friendly

Liquid butter is not storage-friendly. It is a perishable dairy product unless you keep it in the refrigerator. But alternatively, ghee is a shelf-stable dairy item and you can store it in your kitchen without the support of a refrigerator.

DO from the point of purchase bulk purchase of butter is not that easy to preserve but buying clarified butter in bulk quantity is a privilege. You can store it for 12 months from the date of manufacturing in your kitchen in an airtight container.

Liquid butter vs. Liquid clarified butter

Content-wise ghee (clarified butter) and butter offers you some differences to note. Butter contains some milk protein and sugar. Salted butter contains salt too. When butter gets melted, it only changes its physical state: taste and content-wise nothing changes there. If we apply heat to butter it gets melted and liquid butter will get yellowish. Apply heat to one teaspoon of ghee. If it is pure, it will turn into brown by color.

But clarified butter offers more clarity as it is almost free of milk protein, sugar, and salt. This is one of the reasons, clarified butter offers a neutral and blunted taste. Butter offers a milky aroma whereas ghee emancipates a nutty fragrance.

Both ghee and butter contain butyrate but ghee contains butyrate acid, which helps in easing constipation. Ghee is a natural laxative, but no such quality of butter for colon care has been detected yet.
Ghee clarified butter is a natural product for immunity boosting but butter is not identified yet for its immunity booster quality.

What’s better? Ghee or butter?

Both ghee and butter are milk made products but despite the similarities both the dairy products have a different level of uniqueness. Both the dairy staples are good taste enhancer but butter is mostly suitable for sweet dishes and ghee clarified butter goes with all types of good dishes.

Ghee is known for its health benefits, whereas butter is not that popular as healthy dairy. You can use both ghee and butter for making bulletproof coffee, but lactose intolerant people will be a better edge with ghee as it is soothing for the stomach.

People looking for a high protein diet can prefer butter in moderation because butter contains some milk protein but you should take it in moderate quantity.

Wrapping up:

Ghee clarified butter is somehow better than melted or liquid butter but if you wish to enjoy all the ghee benefits, you have to select the best quality pure cow ghee. You may try Milkio Organic grass-fed ghee. Made in New Zealand, Milkio organic ghee is produced from 100% grass-fed cow milk, and it complies with 100% purity standard of USDA.

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