Which ghee is best cow or buffalo? A handy comparison

  • May 1, 2022
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Which ghee is best cow or buffalo? Before buying, have you thought of it. Both the ghee varieties are well known for their nutrient benefits.  But if you have to choose between both options, which one should you go for?

Which ghee is best cow or buffalo? Let’s know both the ghee varieties closely.  Once we see both ghee and buffalo ghee, it will be easier to decide which ghee is best cow or buffalo? Like every item, both cow ghee and buffalo ghee have pros and cons.

Which ghee is best cow or buffalo? A brief overview

Both cow and buffalo ghee are fat-based dairy oil.  Cow ghee contains mostly heart-friendly good saturated fats, but buffalo ghee includes saturated and unsaturated fats, making it difficult to digest. Cow ghee is digestion-friendly, but buffalo ghee is not that easy to digest.

 Grass-fed Cow ghee contains lots of beta-carotene, offering a light-yellow color. On the other hand, buffalo ghee is white and does not have as many nutrients as cow ghee. Buffalo ghee contains essential elements like phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

Cow ghee offers high calories, and it helps reduce weight. Buffalo ghee provides more fat than cow ghee and supports faster weight gain.

Cow ghee is rich in essential nutrients with antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. It is high in calories.  Except for calorie count, Buffalo ghee does not have all these wellness properties as cow ghee.

Buffalo ghee is famous for its sleep-inducing properties, whereas cow ghee is not known for sleep-inducing properties. 

ghee butter
ghee butter

Which ghee is best cow or buffalo?

Both are known for their taste, flavor fullness, and high smoke point. But in terms of therapeutic benefits, cow ghee is much ahead of buffalo ghee. Cow ghee is used in different home remedies, but buffalo ghee is not used in home remedies.

WWhich ghee is best cow or buffalo? If you are concerned about holistic massage, cow ghee is more appraised than buffalo ghee. Cow ghee is recommended for a baby’s diet, but buffalo ghee is not.

According to research, cow ghee is friendly for diabetic patients, but buffalo ghee has no such quality. Cow ghee is prescribed for the pregnancy diet, but buffalo ghee is not recommended for the carrying mothers. Cow ghee helps lactating mothers with breastfeeding, but no such wellness benefits are available from buffalo ghee.

Summing up:

The query of which ghee is best cow or buffalo, is an ongoing debate.  However, cow ghee is used for religious purposes and is considered sacred, but no such myth is associated with buffalo ghee.  If we compare buffalo and cow ghee, both have their pros and cons. But yes, in terms of popularity and health benefits, cow ghee is a few steps ahead of buffalo ghee. 

If you want to use ghee with health, wellness, and therapeutic benefits like weight loss, brain care, etc., cow ghee is better than buffalo ghee.  If you wish to use the best quality grass-fed ghee, you may consider using Milkio grass-fed ghee.

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Which ghee is best cow or buffalo? A handy comparison 3
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