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Buffalo ghee is the best source of endless health benefits.

  • August 7, 2021
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Buffalo ghee is a unique dairy you may try in your diet. 

Buffalo ghee is famous worldwide for its all-purpose adaptability and nutritious content. It offers unique and distinctive health benefits, an additional perk besides its ease of use. 

The world has identified the unique ghee health benefits and ghee’s unique attributes to enhance the taste, texture, and safety of the cooking process where ghee is used. Buffalo milk butter-made ghee offers you these benefits when used in moderation. 

Buffalo milk-made ghee is nutritious if we compare dairy items to cow ghee.  However, the buffalo milk-made ghee offers some exclusive benefits which dairy lovers are unaware of.  It’s all-purpose and all-natural. 

You can use Buffalo milk-fat-made ghee for all types of cooking or as a healthy alternative to regular butter. 

Benefits of Buffalo Ghee:

  • Buffalo ghee is white with a nutty caramelized flavor which is pleasant. The ghee contains Beta-carotene, an antioxidant and the precursor for vitamin A in the human body. 
  • The ghee contains healthy fatty acids, such as CLA, Omega-3,  and fat-soluble vitamins D, E, and K.
  • Ghee from Buffalo milk in the diet promotes strong bones.
  • It contains butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid that helps in digestion, reduces inflammation, and reduces the irritation of constipation.
  • It helps you have a strong appetite by secreting enough gastric acid and assists in smooth digestion.
  • The ghee contains CLA, which is a natural immunity booster and weight loss supplement.
  •  The ghee is hydrating in nature. Add to your diet and you will enjoy soft and moisture-locked skin tissues for good anti-aging impact. 
  • The ghee is nourishing for the brain. It induces sound sleep and prevents the onset of memory-related disorders.
  • Buffalo milk ghee can be stored for a longer period. It is shelf-stable ghee you can store at room temperature without freezing support.
  • Ghee from buffalo milk is excellent for strong bones and helps cardiovascular muscles stay active.
  • It helps underweight people to gain a healthy body weight. 
7 tips for adding buffalo ghee to a healthy diet and cooking

Incorporating buffalo ghee into your healthy diet and cooking can elevate your culinary experiences while offering potential health benefits. Here are seven tips to help you make the most of this nutrient-rich ingredient:

  • Mindful Portion Control: While buffalo ghee is packed with nutrients, consuming it in moderation is vital due to its calorie density. Stick to recommended portion sizes to enjoy its flavors without overindulging.
  • Choose Quality: Opt for high-quality, organic buffalo ghee from reputable sources. Look for ghee, which is free from additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors to ensure you get the purest form.
  • Cooking at High Temperatures: Buffalo ghee has a higher smoke point than other cooking oils, making it an outstanding choice for high-temperature cooking methods like sautéing, frying, and roasting. Its stability at high heat helps retain the nutritional value of your dishes.
  • Enhance Flavor: Use buffalo ghee to add depth and richness to your recipes. A small amount can go a long way in enhancing the flavor of both sweet and savory dishes, from drizzling over vegetables to mixing into your morning oatmeal.
  • Baking Delights: Replace traditional butter or oils with buffalo ghee in baking recipes for a unique twist. Its distinct flavor profile can add a subtle nuttiness to baked goods like cookies, muffins, and pastries.
  • Nutrient Absorption: Certain nutrients, like fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), require healthy fats for absorption. Incorporating buffalo ghee into meals can enhance the bioavailability of these essential nutrients, promoting overall wellness.
  • Ayurvedic Benefits: Buffalo ghee is special in Ayurvedic traditions for its potential therapeutic properties. Ayurveda says ghee can help balance various doshas and support digestive health. Explore Ayurvedic recipes and practices to embrace the benefits of buffalo ghee fully.

Remember, every individual’s dietary needs and preferences are unique. Before making significant changes to your diet, consider consulting a dietician or nutritionist to ensure that buffalo ghee aligns with your overall health goals. By incorporating buffalo ghee mindfully and creatively, you can embark on a flavorful and nourishing culinary exploration journey.

What cautions you must take while consuming buffalo ghee-

  • Ghee oil made of buffalo milk butter is not prescribed for kids or pregnant women because it may seem difficult to digest.
  • Buffalo’s ghee does not offer a nutty aroma; it is known for its intense caramelized flavor.  You may not like the raw taste of this ghee if it is used in home remedies such as cow ghee. 
  • Buffalo ghee contains more fat than cow ghee. Buffalo ghee also offers higher calories.  You have to maintain moderation for buffalo ghee consumption. 

Buffalo ghee is used for various purposes, including cooking and preparing sweets. It produces rich, fluffy dairy items that can further make conventional milk products like yogurt and cottage cheese.

You can also consume ghee with your breakfast coffee to enjoy its health benefits and make your coffee tasty at the same time.

How to use buffalo ghee for healthy weight gain

Using buffalo milk fat ghee for healthy weight gain involves strategically incorporating it into your diet to increase calorie intake while focusing on nutrient-rich foods. Here are some tips to help you effectively use buffalo’s ghee to support your weight gain goals:

  • Moderation is Key: While the goal is to increase calories, it’s essential to do so in a controlled manner. Overconsumption of high-calorie food, including buffalo ghee, can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Aim to add it in moderation to your meals.
  • Cooking and Flavor Enhancement: Buffalo ghee’s rich and distinct flavor can enhance the taste of various dishes. Use it for sautéing vegetables, cooking grains like rice or quinoa, and roasting meats or poultry. Its high smoke point makes it suitable for high-heat cooking methods.
  • Nutrient-Dense Pairing: Combine buffalo-ghee with nutrient-dense foods to ensure you’re gaining a healthy weight. For example, mix it into smoothies with fruits, boiled veggies, and protein sources like Greek yogurt or nut butter. This way, you’re adding calories while still getting essential nutrients.
  • Calorie-Boosting Beverages: Add a teaspoon or two of buffalo ghee to your morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for an extra calorie boost. Blending ghee into beverages can provide a convenient way to increase your intake without feeling overly full.
  • Ghee-Infused Snacks: Prepare nutritious snacks with buffalo milk fat-made ghee. Spread it on whole-grain toast, mix it into oatmeal or yogurt, or you may use it as a dip for whole-grain crackers or vegetable sticks. These small additions can contribute to your daily calorie intake.
  • Homemade Energy Bars: Create your energy bars by mixing buffalo ghee with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and oats. Press the mixture into bars and refrigerate for a convenient, calorie-dense snack on the go.
  • Dress Up Your Meals: Drizzle buffalo ghee on overcooked meals, such as steamed vegetables, grilled meats, or roasted potatoes, to add extra flavor and calories. This simple step can elevate the nutritional content of your dishes.
  • Incorporate Ghee in Baking: Replace part of the butter or oil in recipes with buffalo ghee. This can contribute to the calorie content of your baked goods while also imparting a unique flavor.
  • Consult a Professional: If you want to gain weight for specific health reasons, consider consulting a registered dietitian or healthcare provider. They can help create a personalized plan incorporating buffalo milk fat-made ghee and other nutrient-rich foods to support your weight gain goal safely.

About Milkio Foods:

Try Milkio grass-fed ghee, prepared in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients. Milkio grass-fed ghee is all-natural and does not contain artificial color, flavor, or chemical preservatives.

M ilkio’s Buffalo ghee is all-natural and offers an intense nutty feel-good aroma, rich, creamy texture, and additive-free quality, making it a superfood for the kitchen.

Milkio Ghee is a gluten, lactose, casein, carb, sugar, and chemical-free product safe for consuming lactose intolerants and casein sensitives. It is keto and paleo diet-friendly.  Milkio ghee products do not contain artificial color, flavor, or preservatives.

Milkio ghee offers a high smoke point. It is shelf-stable dairy oil you can store in the kitchen at room temperature for up to 18 months from manufacturing. To buy Milkio ghee, you may order at the Milkio website. 

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Milkio Foods, the Halal Ghee Manufacturer & the Arabian Ghee Wholesale supplier for the Middle East, will attend the global Private Label Middle East trade show from 24th to 26th September 2024! Contact for Business enquiry.

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