Buffalo ghee

Buffalo ghee is as famous as cow ghee, owing to its own unique and distinctive health benefits. The world is appreciating the ghee health benefits and its other attributes enhancing the cooking process. Buffalo ghee holds as much nutrition as cow ghee and offers some additional health benefits, but people are still not aware of it. 


Benefits of Buffalo Ghee:

  • Buffalo ghee is white with a nutty flavor and amazing aroma. It is very high in calcium, and it can also be a good source of potassium, sodium, and phosphorus.
  • Both healthy fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, are present and vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • It contains a lot of medium-chain fatty acids.
  • It helps you have a strong appetite by secreting enough gastric acid and assisting with your digestion.
  • Repairs and regenerates weakened cell membranes as well as preventing brain disorders.
  • Buffalo ghee can be stored for a longer period as it is more shelf-stable compared to cow ghee
  • Ghee made from buffalo milk is excellent for dental health and bones health.
  • It helps people who are underweight with a speedy weight gain. 



Why New Zealand?

Milk and milk products are highly nutritious and one of the most digestible sources of protein, providing essential building blocks for a healthy diet for young and old. As one of the few large dairy exporting countries, New Zealand plays a vital role in global nutritional security

Source: NZ story


ghee export


What cautions you must take while consuming buffalo ghee-

  • Buffalo ghee is not prescribed for kids or pregnant women because it is difficult to digest
  • Buffalo ghee is not that flavorful like cow ghee
  • Buffalo ghee contains more fat than cow ghee, making it provide much more calories, so you need to be careful about the amount of consumption. 


Buffalo-ghee is used for various purposes, including cooking, preparing sweets. It produces rich, fluffy dairy items that can further make conventional milk products like yogurt and cottage cheese. You can also consume ghee with your breakfast coffee to enjoy its health benefits and make your coffee tasty at the same time.

 Buffalo ghee



Milkio ghee is 100% organic and prepared from the top quality milk offering endless health benefits. The grass-fed diet of New Zealand cows means you can see the difference in the color of our butter, as our dairy products can contain higher levels of certain nutrients such as beta-carotene27.





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