How to use ghee for health

How to use ghee for health is all about to enjoy the optimum ghee benefits. It is extremely easy to use ghee. You can use ghee in cooking, you can use ghee as a natural medicine, as well as you can ghee as spread as the butter substitute.

Ghee is one of the safest cooking oils for its high smoke point. You can use for baking, sautéing, slow cooking, and deep-frying. Ghee stays stable and prevents the formation of free radicals in the body, which ensures health safety in comparison to other common cooking oils. This stable nature of ghee is a healthy feature that you can use in your health’s favor.

Ghee is loaded with a lot of saturated fats and it comes with a unique aroma that works as a taste enhancer for cooking foods and dishes of salads.  

As a butter substitute, you can use ghee in your morning tea and coffee. You can use cow ghee on your morning toast instead of butter. 

As therapeutic use, you can include ghee in your bedtime routine. You may have ghee with lukewarm milk/water at night before going to bed. According to Ayurveda, it helps in a sound sleep at night and easing constipation in the morning. 

However, only pure quality cow ghee offers all these ghee benefits. It is important to use premium quality cow ghee in moderation along with an active lifestyle. 

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