Great health benefits of grass fed ghee that you may not be aware of

  • July 15, 2021
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Grass fed ghee benefits that lead to wellness

Grass fed ghee is one of the purest forms of ghee, which is produced from grass-fed cow’s milk. According to dairy specialists, cow ghee from grass-fed cow milk contains loads of nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Ghee made from grass-fed cow milk fat is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), nine( 9) phenolic anti-oxidants, and several other valuable minerals in ghee. For natural reasons, grass fed ghee offers a wide variety of health benefits for consumers.

How to use ghee in your cooking?

  • Sautéing: Substitute ghee for cooking oil to impart a rich, nutty flavor to vegetables, meats, and stir-fries while enjoying its high smoke point.
  • Roasting: Brush ghee onto veggies, meats, or poultry before roasting for a crisp, golden finish and enhanced taste.
  • Frying: Deep-fry foods in ghee to create a delicious, crispy texture and elevate the flavor profile.
  • Baking: Use ghee as a butter substitute in baking, adding depth to cookies, cakes, and pastries while providing a tender crumb.
  • Popcorn: Drizzle melted ghee over popcorn, then season with your favorite spices for a delectable and healthier snack.
  • Grilling: Apply ghee to meats, seafood, and vegetables before grilling to prevent sticking and infuse a smoky, savory essence.
  • Bulletproof Coffee: Blend ghee into your morning coffee for a creamy, frothy beverage that provides sustained energy.
  • Indian Cuisine: It’s a staple in Indian dishes like dal and curry, offering an authentic, rich taste.
  • Condiment: Spread ghee on bread, muffins, or toast for a delightful and healthier alternative to butter.
  • Spices Infusion: Use ghee to bloom spices like cumin, mustard seeds, or fenugreek for traditional Indian tadka and a flavorful base for many dishes.

Ghee is a lactose-free dairy product.

People who are lactose intolerant cannot take milk products, and milk product consumption may cause food allergies for these people. Cow ghee contains most of the benefits of cow milk, and it lacks lactose and casein; hence, consumption of cow ghee is mostly safe for these lactose intolerant people. 

Grass fed Ghee is a stable fat for culinary use.

Compared to popular cooking oils like sunflower oil and safflower oil, grass fed ghee is a primarily saturated fat and highly stable cooking oil. For sautéing and baking, Ghee is never broken into unsaturated fats, which ultimately becomes toxic to our health system. Compared to polyunsaturated oils, consumption of pore ghee is safer for health because grass-fed ghee hardly contains double bonds and acts more stable than these oils.

Grass-Fed Ghee
Great health benefits of grass fed ghee that you may not be aware of 1

Ghee is a saturated fat

According to research and study, saturated fat consumption is not that risky for heart health. Pure ghee is made of saturated fat, which is why moderate consumption of pure cow ghee is not risky for health, or it is safe to say that moderate consumption of cow ghee does not trigger any heart disease.

Grass Fed Ghee is a source of bio-available vitamin A

One of the critical grass fed ghee benefits is its Vitamin A content, especially grass-fed ghee. Vitamin A plays a vital role in balancing hormones in the body, maintaining liver health fertility, and building stamina. The vitamin A in ghee is immediately useable by the body and also contains the fatty acid cofactors required for absorption

Pure ghee contains Vitamin K

Grass fed ghee contains vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 helps in faster calcium absorption into your bones. You may consume sufficient calcium, but it won’t affect much unless it goes together with vitamin K2. As a fat-soluble vitamin, it requires the fatty acids in ghee for absorption.

Ghee contains Conjugated Linolenic Acid.

 Cow Ghee is the best dietary source of CLA. The density of CLA is radically higher in ghee procured from the milk of grass-fed cows. Further, the fat content of ghee plays a vital role in body weight management due to its satiation quality.

Ghee is a source of butyric acid.

Ghee contains a significant level of butyric acid, which is an anti-carcinogenic short-chain fatty acid. Butyric acid is already known as an agent that can inhibit the growth of mammary tumors. Studies show that it boasts numerous healing and soothing properties on the intestinal tract and works as a potential antidote for Irritable Bowel Disease.

Cow ghee is a source of good cholesterol.

Further, the good cholesterol in ghee is a point to admire, not fear. According to nutritionists, good cholesterol does not cause the problem of atherosclerosis.  If good cholesterol is supplied to the body through good quality fats, such as grass-fed ghee, it allows the body to help in reducing the problem of inflammation.

How to buy grass fed ghee online?

To buy grass-fed ghee online, follow these steps:

  • Research: Research reputable online retailers and brands that offer grass-fed ghee. Look for customer reviews and ratings.
  • Check Product Details: Read the product descriptions to ensure it is indeed grass-fed ghee. Look for details on sourcing and production methods.
  • Compare Prices: Compare prices across different websites to find the best deal. Keep in mind that quality may vary with price.
  • Check Ingredients: Review the ingredient list to ensure it contains only pure ghee without additives or preservatives.
  • Quantity and Packaging: Select the quantity and packaging size that suits your needs, whether it’s a small jar or a bulk purchase.
  • Delivery Options: Check delivery options, including shipping costs, estimated delivery time, and the retailer’s shipping policies.
  • Payment and Security: Ensure that the website provides secure payment options and safeguards your personal information.
  • Customer Reviews: Read customer reviews and ratings for the product to get an idea of its quality and flavor.
  • Certifications: Look for certifications like “grass-fed,” “organic,” or “pasture-raised” to verify the product’s authenticity.
  • Place Your Order: Add the desired ghee to your cart and proceed to checkout. Provide accurate shipping information and payment details.
  • Track Your Order: Keep track of your order’s status and expected delivery date. Be ready to receive the package.
  • Store Properly: Once received, store your grass-fed ghee according to the storage instructions on the packaging.

By following these steps, you can confidently buy high-quality grass-fed ghee online.

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