Best cow ghee: the health benefits it can offer your body are just mind blowing

  • June 29, 2021
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The best cow ghee must be a quality assured dairy product.

According to the dairy standard, good quality cow ghee is prepared from the best quality cow milk and without using any synthetic color, flavor, and chemical preservative.   

Best quality cow ghee is undoubtedly a premium choice for many reasons. Ghee can be used for cooking instead of using common varieties of cooking oils, and it is a better choice in terms of shelf life and health benefits. Now the question is about the health benefits of having quality ghee in diet. What makes the best cow ghee a better choice for gastronomy? 

Butyrate in cow ghee is helpful for colon health

Good quality rather the best cow ghee contains butyrate acid, and butyrate is a natural remedy for the treatment of constipation. Are you suffering from irregular bowel movement or recurring spell of constipation? Try ghee in diet and you will get to enjoy better balance in colon cleaning.

However, cow ghee is the prerequisite and more pure it will be in quality, you will be at your advantage.

Ghee helps in weight management

 Even in recent past, Ghee and weight loss was completely two opposite ideas. The common myth was the fat of cow ghee is detrimental to stay in curves whereas modern dieticians are prescribing ghee for weight loss nowadays. The saturated fats in ghee was once counted as the villain but now the fat content is being counted as the savior. 

If you can add cow ghee in diet maintaining moderation, the fat content of ghee works like a filler food. It may control hunger pang if you can use its fat content at your favor. Add the best cow ghee in your morning tea or coffee, and spread the best cow ghee in your toast or salad. Raw ghee in diet will work as a calorie controller and you can exploit the calorie cut in support of your weight management. It’s not an overnight process, however, this ghee remedy will surely boost your weight loss mission.

Ghee helps in smooth digestion

Cow Ghee helps in stimulating digestion by kindling the secretion of stomach acid that helps id digestion of food. As the best cow ghee is found enriched in butyric acid, ghee in food is helpful in lowering inflammation and smoothening of food digesting process.

Moderate cow ghee in food helps in maintaining a healthy coating in stomach lining, which guards the stomach from the digestive acids. These acids are secreted to help in breaking down foods however, excessive secretion may cause acidity.  The best cow ghee perfectly stimulates stomach acid secretion that helps in faster digestion.  According to celebrity Rujuta Diwekar, “pure ghee is identified to be one the most effortlessly edible dairy fat. It helps in natural digestion”.

Ghee in cooking reduces free radical in digestive system

Pure cow ghee is known for its high smoke point. As a result, ghee as cooking oil offers higher stability against higher temperature. Deep frying, baking, or slow cooking with cow ghee is absolutely safe because ghee remains unbroken against high temperature because of its high smoke point than other common cooking oils.   

Cooking with ghee is a safer way to stay away from diseases that is caused by free radicals: it is anticipated that pure and the best cow ghee in diet can be helpful for averting cancerous diseases.

Cow ghee in diet is an immunity booster

Cow ghee is called an immunity booster dairy staple by modern dieticians, however, this is not a new discovery altogether. According to Indian Ayurveda, the best cow ghee has some medicinal properties that help in immunity boosting of the consumers using ghee in diet.  

According to chemical analysis, good quality cow ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E & K. These vitamins play a major role in the smooth functioning of the human heart, brain and also it helps in bone development in human body along with overall immunity booster. You can to enjoy these health benefits when you are using the best cow ghee in your food making.

Ghee in diet improves skin and hair health

Cow ghee in diet is especially helpful in maintaining skin and hair health. Once it was a popular home remedy in Indian and Middle East to use ghee as a massage oil for maintaining skin glow and hair health. However, modern nutritionists opine that due to the nutritious components of ghee, it improves skin softness and hair health.    

Cow ghee in diet performs as a natural moisturizer and it is a magic cure for dry and damaged skin. Even dry and chapped lips turns smooth and naturally soft of cow ghee is applied on them. It is always wise to use the best cow ghee on the burn spot or on the dark circles around eyes: both external massage and consumption in diet of cow ghee brings a visible change in skin glow and hair health. 

These are some of the best benefits of cow ghee you can enjoy on your health. However, these benefits are conditional as the purity of ghee or quality of the cow ghee is largely responsible for offering all the aforementioned benefits to its users. According to global dairy standard, organic and 100% grass fed quality cow ghee can offer all the premium health benefits to its consumers.

If you are looking for the best cow ghee for your kitchen, you can try Milkio cow ghee. The ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk in New Zealand adhering to all possible hygiene and health standard. Milkio ghee is prepared without any artificial color, flavor, and preservative, hence, it is one of the purest and the best cow ghee available in market.

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