cultured butter vs. regular butter, Which one is better?

  • August 7, 2021
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Cultured butter vs. regular butter

Butter is an evergreen ingredient in the world of cooking and taste. There are no other products in the market that can beat butter. However, there are many forms of butter available. The two of them are cultured butter and regular butter.

If there’s a competition between cultured butter vs. regular butter, then there must be a tie. Follow up the article to know more – 

cultured butter vs. regular butter

The process of making cultured butter 

Cultured butter – In this process, the milk cream is fermented which turns the lactose in milk into lactic acid. Then it is churned to make cultured butter. Churning means separating fats and liquids from cream. The addition of this live bacteria gives the butter a tangy taste, known as cultured butter. 

The process of making regular butter 

Regular Butter – As the name suggests, it’s is fabricated using the normal churning process. Regular cream is separated from fats and moisture, which results in a creamy texture substance known as regular butter. 

 Cultured butter vs. Regular butter, what is the best choice?

Talking about cultured butter has a high smoke point, which helps it work at a high res temperature than regular butter. It sticks for a long On a hot toast or bread, so you keep enjoying the biting taste of butter. Apart from this, it is very creamy and more buttery in texture. It just slides on your tongue very smoothly.

Regular butter is made from regular cream; it has a familiar buttery taste. As compared to cultured butter, it has a low smoke point, which makes it burn faster.

However, both cultured butter and regular butter can not beat the goodness of ghee or clarified butter. Ghee made from cultured butter contains lactic acid that it great for our health. Clarified butter also has a higher smoke point and a longer shelf life. The reason why it’s better than both cultured butter and regular butter is its nutritional properties and profound nutty taste. Ghee is a bundle of good fats, essential vitamins, amino acids, and so on. Also, including adequate amounts of ghee in your diet increases your metabolism. These are just a few ghee benefits; all the benefits of ghee can’t be expressed in few words.

That’s the ghee or clarified butter that beats both cultured butter vs. regular butter.

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