Can you get ghee in powder form? Let’s talk about ghee powder

  • June 15, 2022
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Can you get ghee in powder form? Yes, it is possible to create the powdery form of ghee simply by heating grass-fed ghee.  It is called ghee powder, which is the powder form of ghee. Now you may wonder about the uses of ghee powder.

Can you get ghee in powder form? If it is a question you are pondering, you have nailed it right. Ghee can be dried to convert it into powder form. It is a travel-friendly version of ghee, which you can take anywhere without the risk of spillage.

Ghee powder is the powdered condition of ghee, which bears the ghee fragrance, and it can work as an instant ghee substitute when added to your keto coffee or morning smoothies.  Ghee powder can be a good ghee placement product if you are a ghee user and use ghee with the best versatile uses.

Can you get ghee in powder form? What are the uses of ghee powder?

If you are wondering, can you get ghee in powder form? Your query is right on the track!  You can dry ghee against low-medium flame and turn it into powder form. 

Ghee is semi-solid at room temperature. However, it turns into a melted state at or above 32-35 degrees Celsius. With the help of the technology, ghee gets dried and takes the form of powder, which we can use instead of ghee as instant ghee in powdered form. 

Can you get ghee in powder form?
Can you get ghee in powder form?

Can you get ghee in powder form? What are the uses of ghee powder?

  • You can use ghee powder precisely as you use ghee. It is the dry form of ghee, so you cannot use it as cooking oil, but like spice, you can use it as a natural taste enhancer.
  • You can use the ghee powder in the baking: sprinkle it on the baked goods, and you will get the ghee flavor after the baking.  
  • Wish to make the fatty keto coffee on the go? You don’t need to take the ghee jar while traveling. Just carry the ghee powder and add it instantly to the keto coffee s you pour and mix sugar.  The ghee powder will work as an instant creamer in your fatty keto coffee recipe.
  • Ghee powder will work as your reliable taste enhancer. You may sprinkle it on your favorite popcorn or bowlful salads. As you sprinkle salt and pepper, sprinkle some ghee powder, and you are done.
  • You may also try using ghee powder as a healthy seasoning for your morning toast, salads, dips, and sauces with the same creamy mouthfeel as your experience with ghee in your food.
  • The ghee powder is free-flowing and easy to mix in your morning smoothies. You can carry it without the worry of leakage.
  • The ghee powder is keto and paleo diet-friendly, and you can use it in veg and non-veg dishes as you use ghee pairing. However, ghee powder is a 100% vegetarian food item. 

Now you have got the answer to your query, can you get ghee in powder form or not. The answer is yes. However, ghee powder is the monopoly product concept of Milkio Foods. It is made in the USA under the best possible hygienic manufacturing unit and quality checking process in small batches from the finest New Zealand-made grass-fed quality ghee.   

ghee powder
ghee powder
About Milkio ghee powder:

Milkio ghee powder is a high-fat Keto Creamer containing approximately 80% fat. It is free-flowing, offers rich taste and aroma, and is full of natural grass-fed goodness with 12 months shelf life. This is Halal Certified and suitable for Vegetarian, Keto & Paleo-friendly diets. You can use it anytime, in any Keto and Paleo recipe.  Now you know the reply to your concern, can you get ghee in powder form? The answer is yes, and the credit goes to the R&D of Milkio Foods.

Milkio’s ghee powder is made from premium quality grass-fed ghee (clarified butter), and it is packed in BPA Free Jars to preserve its characteristic freshness. It stays fresh for 12 months at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

To know more about Milkio ghee powder, please check the Milkio website.

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