Ghee powder: 5 instant uses of it in your ghee recipes

  • May 21, 2022
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Ghee powder is the powder form of ghee, which you can carry and use as an instant creamer.  Let’s check how you can use dairy powder in your diet.

Ghee powder is a dairy product that converts ghee into powder form. It is a dry product, where the qualities of ghee are primarily maintained. The dairy powder is easy to use, and you can use as an instant ghee alternative in ghee recipes. It is also known as clarified butter powder. 

It’s travel friendly, spill-proof, and offers you instant access to ghee benefits in a handy way.

Ghee powder for keto coffee

If you want to make fatty coffee as part of your keto diet, powdered ghee is the right condiment; handy, easy to store, and spill-proof. Mix one or two spoonsful ghee clarified butter powder in your coffee, and your keto fatty coffee will be instantly prepared.  

Use ghee powder in your baking recipes.

If you plan to bake a cake, the dairy powder is the perfect replacement for the ghee ingredient we generally use. You can use the powder in the batter, and it will work precisely as ghee. Similarly, you can use the powder for making cookies and banana bread.  You can try the powdered form of ghee in all ghee recipes.

As an alternative to butter spread

You can use this dairy powder as a healthy butter alternative. It is easy to convert the dairy powder into a ghee spread. You may try two spoonsful of water and two spoons of ghee-powder. If you mix them both, it will create a creamy consistency, and you are done!

Making ghee spread is easy and a handy process. The dairy powder will offer you the same nutritional benefits and delectable taste. 

ghee powder
ghee powder

Ghee powder on your popcorn

 You can use the powdered form of ghee in different ways. For instance, you can try it on popcorn, and with seasoning, it will offer you a nutty ghee aroma. Similarly, you can use it on homemade pizza, macaroni, or roasted chicken. 

Just sprinkle it on the mashed potatoes or at the time of sautéing veggies. Instead of using ghee as a seasoning, you can sprinkle the dairy powder on your preferred sautéed veggies. It will offer you the same aroma of ghee. 

It is a handy condiment for soups and sauces.

Are you planning to prepare tasty soups and sauces? You can use ghee powder-the dried form of ghee. This non-oil soluble powder is a healthy substitute for ghee. Just add it to the water and then use it in the recipe. The original taste and aroma of ghee will not be compromised, and it is easy to use. 

 The advantages of using ghee powder:

  • It is a healthy substitute for ghee: you can carry it in a handbag while traveling—the product is travel-safe, and you won’t need to worry about the spillage-hazard.
  • It is more shelf-friendly than ghee. You can store it in your kitchen for a more extended period than grass-fed ghee of the best and premium quality.
  • Ghee powder is lactose and casein-free, hence suitable for the diet of lactose intolerants. 
  • It contains saturated fats like ghee as ghee powder is prepared by drying ghee. It offers ghee-like nutrition; hence it is keto and paleo-friendly. If used in moderation, it is supportive of weight loss. 
Summing up:

Milkio Foods, New Zealand, manufactures grass-fed quality ghee powder. The dried powdered version of pasture-raised, all-natural grass-fed ghee offers CLA support for weight loss and butyrate aids for colon care. It is a non-GMO, lactose, casein, and gluten-free dairy product that you can use for all ghee and butter recipes.

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