Burnt ghee what to do? How to use the burned ghee?

  • August 14, 2021
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Burnt ghee what to do? Is there any way to use the burned ghee with good effect?

Burnt ghee what to do? Here are some unusual ways of using burnt ghee.While cooking in the kitchen, how many times have you burnt things? Like anything once burnt, it’s utterly useless. This time, if you burnt ghee and you are like, “omg, burnt ghee what to do now?”

Well, do not worry. We are here with some brilliant ways; you can experiment with burnt ghee. 

  1. The power of garlic and curry leaves

If you have burnt ghee and are confused about what to do right now, chill. It would be best if you had some garlic and curry leaves. See it is elementary, first take some fresh garlic and curry leaves. Mix it with your cup of burnt ghee and keep it in a box or container for almost two days. Guess what, most probably when you will open the container after two days.

The burnt smell will be gone. There would be no garlic marks in the ghee, but the smell of fresh curry leaves will dominate the nose.

  1. If you are someone who loves to cook, you can try baking with this ghee. Maybe you love to bake cookies or cake. So, then we are pretty sure that you would not have heard about this trick. Burnt ghee makes the cookies crunching and full of delicious flavor. So the next time when you bake any cookies try burned ghee.
  2. Do you want to make your cookies with smoky butterscotch flavor? Just knead the dough with burned ghee, and see how it goes. You will be amazed after tasting how it turns out; the burnt ghee will provide nuttier butterscotch flavor to your cookies. You are going to love this for sure!!
  1. Are you worried about your sudden hair fall problem? Well, here’s a brilliant recipe for your falling hair. Just add curry leaves to the cup of hot burnt ghee, and keep it for a night. The next day, you can apply in it your roots to the hair gently. Leave it for a day or some hours. Then repeat the same for one month. Surely you will see an improvement in your hair fall. Just go for it.
Burnt ghee what to do
Burnt ghee what to do

I hope you would have been astounded by the ways you explored here. For a significant reason, now at least don’t have to say, “I have burnt ghee what to do now.”

Just try out all the things mentioned above at least once. Now that doesn’t mean you need to burn ghee just for that. Instead, if you have incidentally burnt ghee, then it’s worth a try.

After all, experiments lead to inventions, so go on; what are you waiting for! No worry  about  the situation “I have burnt ghee what to do now.”

Summing up:

The situation “I have burnt ghee what to do now ‘ is probable when you are trying to prepare ghee at home. If you use quality grass-fed ghee like Milkio Grass-fed ghee in your kitchen, you can avoid the problem of burned ghee and at the same time can enjoy optimum ghee benefits in your favor.

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