Grass fed cow ghee: proven Ayurvedic home remedies for improved health

It is globally known that grass fed cow ghee has many medicinal properties. For simple reason, pure cow ghee can be used in different home remedies for improving general health and well being. However, you need to use quality assured cow ghee for enjoying these home-remedy benefits.

Memory boosting therapy

Pure ghee can be excellent memory booster for kids. Just serve two teaspoon lukewarm ghee seasoned with black pepper. Serve the ghee pepper mix everyday with hot rice to get its benefit.

Dry Cough remedy

Dry cough often acts as stubborn. In these chronic cases, pure cow ghee remedy can be your stark savior. Add on teaspoon ghee in lukewarm milk and add ½ teaspoon turmeric power and powdered sugar candy into it.  Stir well thee mix before you take the mix. Try this remedy at least once in a day and continue it or 7-10 days to get rid of the dry cough issue.

Pregnancy induced constipation

Carrying ladies often suffer from the problem of constipation and pure cow ghee can be a good natural medicine to overcome the problem. Take one glass of lukewarm water treated with 1 teaspoon cow-ghee in morning in empty stomach. You can repeat this home remedy at the bed time. This is a simple way to treat the problem of constipation especially at the time of pregnancy.

Chapped lips can be treated with ghee

Smear cow ghee on your chapped lips and allow the grass fed cow ghee to sit on the chapped lips at least for overnight. Continue this remedy for at least 5-7 days and your problem for chapped lips will be completely cured.

Stop nosebleed with ghee

Pour lukewarm ghee on your nostrils and put your head on a high pillow so that the ghee stays inside the nostril.  The remedy will stop the bleeding almost instantly. You may try this remedy with kids also.

Problem of split hair can be solved

Mix lukewarm ghee and coconut oil. Add few curry leaves in it. Allow the mix to sit for some time. Then apply the mix on the hair’s split end.  Allow the ghee mix to sit on your hair over night and rinse hair with soft shampoo.

Increase semen count for men

According to Indian Ayurveda, Grass fed cow ghee can be used in boosting semen count for men. To practice this remedy you need to fry almond and walnuts in 1:1 ratio and fry them in cow ghee. Now grind these fried nuts and drink them with saffron treated milk at night. The potency of cow ghee and these nuts is beneficial or increasing fertility in male, which results in increased semen count.

In order to avail all these ghee benefits, you have to use cow ghee only. Use Milkio New Zealand ghee in your kitchen and use the pure cow ghee for practicing all these home remedies in emergency. You will surely get good results.

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