Buffalo ghee nutrition: What makes it health-friendly?

  • May 9, 2022
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Buffalo ghee nutrition is a wholesome and wellness booster, but it is different from cow ghee nutrition. Both the ghee varieties are quite popular worldwide. Before choosing buffalo ghee in your diet, you should know the nutritional details.  

Buffalo ghee nutrition is centered on its fat content.  The ghee contains more fats than cow ghee, making it more storage-friendly than cow ghee if proper storage condition is maintained.

Buffalo ghee nutrition: the nutritional profile of the ghee

Buffalo ghee nutrition primarily depends on the ghee’s fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamin content.  Some of the significant fatty acids available in buffalo ghee are:

  • Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA: This natural fatty acid available in buffalo ghee improves immunity, offers healthy heart support, and promotes lean mass in the body.
  • Butyric Acid: Buffalo ghee contains butyric acid, known for its laxative quality and detox effect on the body.  Buffalo ghee offers anti-inflammatory support, and it is due to the presence of ghee butyrate content in the ghee.
  • The ghee contains omega-3 fatty acid, a natural supplement for a healthy heart, brain nourishment, and good optical care.
  • Buffalo ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, K, and E, which offer privileges like solid bone support, heart health support, and skincare support.
  • Buffalo ghee contains antioxidants, which help improve the body’s wellness scale.
  • The ghee is rich in some health-friendly minerals. These are potassium, sodium, Magnesium, etc.  Vitamin K content improves the body’s absorption power which stimulates the ability of extra calcium from different food sources.

Buffalo ghee nutrition is based on the nutrient profile of the ghee. When you add buffalo ghee to your foods, you should practice moderation and quality awareness. Only Good quality buffalo ghee from an excellent and unpolluted place can offer you all the ghee benefits.

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Buffalo ghee nutrition: the health benefits you can enjoy

Buffalo ghee nutrition offers some health benefits. We have mentioned some of them with outline details here.

  • The ghee helps enjoy faster digestion. It reduces acidity, bloating, and flatulence.
  • Buffalo ghee offers support for lean mass gain, which is helpful for low-weight people. The ghee provides natural support for raising immunity.
  • Buffalo ghee offers natural help for the prevention of insomnia or sleeplessness.
  • The ghee supports the body in improving its calcium absorption power resulting in strong bones.
  • Buffalo ghee nutrition includes vitamin A, a friendly vitamin for maintaining good eye power, preventing night blindness, and macular degeneration of the eyes due to aging.
  • The rich buffalo ghee nutrition ensures a natural boost of immunity. It helps boost the disease and infection prevention power of the human body.
  • Buffalo ghee offers natural hydration power that keeps skin and body tissues soft and hydrated.
  • The vitamin-rich content of buffalo ghee helps in skincare, haircare, and eye care: buffalo ghee in the diet helps comfort dry eye syndrome.

Summing up:

Buffalo ghee is a nutritious dairy that is lactose, casein, and gluten-free.  The ghee is cooked from buffalo-milk-made milk butter. The nutritional profile of the dairy oil is a savior for human wellness. However, moderation and quality assurance are the two factors we have to keep in mind to extract the best health benefits in our favor.

For example, you may use Milkio Buffalo ghee. Made in pure New Zealand, this pure buffalo ghee is lactose, casein-free dairy, which is safe and easy to digest for lactose intolerants.

 About Milkio buffalo ghee:

Milkio Buffalo ghee is delicious ghee clarified butter with a high smoking point, which makes it a safe oil for high-temperature cooking methods like baking, roasting, grilling, etc. Buffalo ghee from Milkio is a shelf-stable dairy oil that you can store in a kitchen at room temperature up to 18 months from manufacturing. 

Milkio Buffalo ghee is hand-crafted, small-batch made, and quality tested product.  If you want to buy Milkio Buffalo ghee, place an order at Milkio.