When can we introduce ghee to babies? Ghee & baby care

  • May 10, 2022
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When can we introduce ghee to babies? The question may seem simple, but it is related to baby care and child well-being; hence, it is essential to get the best information on the related topic. Child care is critical, and ghee is a fat-based dairy oil, which may not seem to be easy to digest for a kid. 

When can we introduce ghee to babies? We cannot add ghee to a baby’s diet immediately after the birth. But we can use ghee for child care in a different way.  Let’s read here an informative blog about child care and ghee.

 The word baby means the kids immediately after the birth. Milk is the only dairy a baby can have as the main diet immediately after birth.  You can use ghee in the baby’s diet from 6 months.  Just add 1dollop of ghee to his porridge or lentil curry.  Initially, it would help if you started with a minimum quantity of ghee, and then gradually, you can increase the dose.  So, when can we introduce ghee to babies is equally essential to the concern of how to use ghee in the babies’ diet?

When can we introduce ghee to babies? 4 best ways to use ghee for kids

We all want to give our babies the best food and the best well-being scale. As ghee is called the 21st-century superfood, naturally, a query may crop in your mind if ghee is suitable for babies and sound, how should it be administered? When can we introduce ghee to babies?

  • You can constantly offer your baby a ghee massage. It is an ayurvedic treatment that offers several benefits like soft skin, moisture retention power of the body, hair care, and better care for resilient bones. In the era of grand maa, it was firmly believed that ghee massage makes bones resilient and well developed.
  • You can use it as the cooking oil for the baby. You can also add a small amount of pure ghee to the baby’s food as a natural taste enhancer.  It is important to know the ways to use ghee along with the information when can we introduce ghee to babies.
  • For the toddlers, you can use it on morning toast or boiled veggies instead of salted butter.
  • Babies having constipation may have ghee and milk at night. It will help in regularizing their bowel movement. 

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How much ghee should we eat?

Now, are you still wondering when can we introduce ghee to babies? The straight answer is you can add ghee to your babies’ diet from 6 months of age. You can use it as an oil substitute or butter substitute in moderation.  Moderate ghee in the baby’s diet can help the kid in different positive ways.  

  • It helps in immunity boost: The nutritional potency of ghee helps in immunity-boosting, which increases the body’s resistance, prevents the risk of infection, and keeps the kid’s brain development at par.
  • It helps in bone development:  Vitamin K content of ghee improves the body’s calcium absorption power, which helps in the baby’s proper bone development.
  • Ghee helps in faster digestion:  The dairy oil stimulates the body’s digestive power and helps in the more rapid digestion of the food.
  • It is a natural way of skincare: Ghee in the babies’ diet ensures skincare. It keeps skin soft, supple, and naturally hydrated, provided you know when can we introduce ghee to babies!

Summing Up:

When can we introduce ghee to babies? Now you know the answer.  However, exercising moderation and the quality of the ghee product are the two requisites for offering babies the best ghee benefits. Grass-fed ghee is the best quality ghee available in the dairy market, so for your baby’s diet, you should prefer using grass-fed ghee like Milkio’s ghee products.

When can we introduce ghee to babies? Ghee & baby care 3

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