What is the color of ghee? Know the color of pure ghee

  • May 9, 2022
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What is the color of ghee? As ghee is a delicate dairy, the product’s color reveals a lot about its purity. Know the perfect ghee color before you purchase.

What is the color of ghee? Maybe it is the first concern we consider when purchasing a ghee product. Color and aroma are the two significant ghee factors that impact our purchase decision. However, the color of ghee may differ from one quality to another. Before judging the color of a ghee product, check its category.

What is the color of ghee? How does it differ?

What is the color of ghee? Indeed, it is a vital question, but before you buy a product in the ghee category, you have to learn the difference in color between ghee and clarified butter. In terms of the property and health benefits explained, butter and ghee are almost the same, but these dairy products differ color-wise.

  • Pure clarified butter is yellow-golden.  It looks more yellowish when you check grass-fed ghee products because grass-fed butter contains more beta carotene than the non-grass-fed ghee variety.  
  • But if you look at pure cow ghee, it is brownish in its tinge. When cow ghee is cooked, the portion of ghee residues gets mixed with the butterfat, changing the yellow butterfat into a brownish tinge.
  • If you have planned to buy sheep ghee, do not look for the yellow golden color of the product as a sign of its purity. Grass-fed sheep ghee is of off-white tinge.
  • When you are buying buffalo ghee, do not expect the product’s off-white or golden yellow color. Instead, you will find that pure buffalo ghee is of white paint.

If you consider the purity of the ghee product is primarily defined by its color, you are not entirely accurate. You need to check what is the color of ghee before purchase, but at the same time, you need to check the ghee variety.

What is the color of ghee? Know the color of pure ghee 3

The ruminate (dairy cattle) defines the ideal color of the dairy. Therefore, besides checking, what is the color of ghee you have shortlisted, also check if you are buying grass-fed cow ghee, sheep ghee, or buffalo ghee.

What is the color of ghee: is it pure or not?

If you want to judge the purity of a ghee product by its look, what is the color of ghee, is a vital question that should play at the back of your mind. But the ideal yellowish hue or the perfect toasted brownish color may get created by adulteration.

Besides checking what is the color of ghee, you must also check how pure the ghee is by applying a few simple home-based test processes.

  • Take some ghee on your palm. If it gets melted readily, it is pure. If it takes time, it is adulterated.
  • Take one teaspoon of ghee and apply heat. If the melted ghee looks brownish, it is pure. If the melted ghee looks yellowish, it is adulterated.

Summing up:

What is the color of ghee? It is a vital question to judge its purity.  But you should know all the nitty-gritty of ghee and the color relation. However, for buying authentic grass-fed ghee, you should check if cow ghee clarified butter is yellow-golden and for sheep ghee if it is of off-while color tinge. For example, if you buy Milkio grass-fed cow ghee, you will find it declared unadulterated and off tallow golden color.

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