Make ghee in the crock pot: How to maintain ghee quality

  • April 2, 2022
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Make ghee in the crock pot means ghee making process is explained. In the commercial method, the butter boilng pot is called the crockpot or crock pot. But how to make ghee?

Make ghee in the crock pot is a universal process of making ghee on a large scale.  You have to use unsalted milk butter for making ghee. A crockpot is a thick-bottomed slow cooker. Modern crockpots are electrical gadgets and some models are available for use against flames. Other than making ghee, you can use the crockpot for slow cooking and high-temperature cooking. How to make ghee in the crock pot is worth exploring.

Make ghee in the crock pot: how is it done?

Ghee-making is a slow cooking process. The crockpot is used for the slow cooking of the butter. In the crockpot, the butter gets melted.  Once the whole portion of the butter gets melted, you need to increase the flame so that the butter starts boiling. However, this phase of ghee-making witnesses lots of foam production. you need to remove the foam to prevent unwanted fat loss from the butter.

Once the butter starts boiling at the full course, you have to reduce again the intensity of the flame. Flame control is one of the most important parts to make ghee in the crock pot.

 As the butter starts boiling at the full pace, gradually milk solids like lactose and casein start getting eliminated. These lactose and casein parts get deposited at the bottom of the crockpot. Also, during the boiling process, most of the water content gets evaporated.

make ghee in the crock pot

Now you may wonder how to realize that the process to make ghee in the crock pot is done. At the end of this ghee-making process, you can find that butterfat is found separated in the crock pit and ghee residues are lying at the bottom of the crockpot. Now with the help of a ghee strainer, you have to collect ghee and store it in an airtight jar.

Instead of a ghee strainer, you may use cheesecloth for ghee collection. It is pure butterfat and it is lactose and casein-free. Ghee is all-natural and offers a pleasing nutty flavor.

Summing up:

How to make ghee in the crock pot is not rocket science.  It is an easy and simple process if you are ready to slow cook the butter for cooking ghee out of it. However, it is a time-consuming task and instead f learning the process, you may buy ghee readymade.

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Grass-fed quality ghee is the best option if you want to buy ghee.  For instance, you may buy Milkio grass-fed ghee, which is a New Zealand dairy and made with excellent dairy practice.

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