keto friendly butter: which is the best option?

  • March 7, 2022
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keto friendly butter is a tasty and healthy addition in your keto diet plan. 

What is keto friendly butter? Ghee is voted as a better butter in the keto-diet community. But do you know why ghee is a better butter for your keto diet plan?

Keto friendly butter is a healthy choice for your keto diet.  You can use butter as a high-fat-based food in your keto plan that perfectly replaces the need for carbs in your food menu. You can use butter as a spread, as cooking oil, and in high-heat recipes like baking, grilling, and roasting is done better with ghee. But why ghee is a better butter and a keto friendly butter?

 Ghee clarified butter: 4 causes to call ghee a better butter

Ghee-clarified butter is better butter. There are at least 4 causes to call it so. Let’s explore why ghee is a keto friendly butter for your diet plan.

Ghee is a dairy, but there is no risk of dairy sensitivity

Ghee is cooked from milk butter; however, milk butter is not free from milk solids like lactose, casein, etc.  Ghee is clarified butter, which signifies that it is a simple form of butter.  In the ghee-making process, milk solids like lactose and casein are removed, and butterfat becomes separated, a keto friendly butter.

As clarified, butter or ghee is lactose and casein-free dairy, it is safe for all dairy sensitives. In 90% of cases, dairy sensitivity triggers due to lactose intolerance or cases-sensitivity. While milk butter or regular butter contains traces of lactose and casein, clarified butter contains neither of these elements. Hence it works as an allergy-risk-free dairy and a versatile keto friendly butter.

Ghee-clarified butter offers a high smoke point.

Keto diet plan calls for the inclusion of a high-fat and low-carb diet. Keto recipes are wide-ranging and may include high-temperature cooking, like baking, roasting, grilling, etc. A protein and high-fat combo is the best food option in the keto diet.

Ghee offers a high smoke point, which is 485 degrees Fahrenheit. It acts stable against high-heat flame, which makes it a safe cooking oil for baking, sauteing, slow cooking, etc. Butter contains fats, but it is not as safe as ghee-clarified butter in terms of smoking points.

If we have to decide between ghee and butter and tag the better keto friendly butter, ghee will surely get higher numbers of polls.   

Keto-friendly butter: ghee is more versatile

If we have to decide between a better keto friendly butter between ghee and butter, ghee clarified butter has another advantage of versatility. You can use ghee butter for cooking all types of recipes, including desserts while butter has its limitations in culinary uses. You cannot use butter as a taste enhancer, but ghee is a natural taste enhancer for its refreshing aroma.  

Ghee clarified butter: its storage-friendly

In comparison to butter, ghee-clarified butter is more storage-friendly. You can store ghee at room temperature for 12 months at least. Regarding convenience, ghee is a better cooking oil enriched with good fats.

How to use ghee in a keto diet plan?

Incorporating ghee into a keto diet can add healthy fats and flavor to your meals. Here are six ways to use ghee in a keto diet:

  1. Cooking Oil Replacement: Use ghee as a substitute for cooking oils or butter in various recipes. Its high smoke point makes it ideal for sautéing, frying, and roasting low-carb vegetables and proteins.
  2. Bulletproof Coffee: Blend a tablespoon of ghee, the keto friendly butter, into your morning coffee and some MCT oil or coconut oil for a creamy and energizing keto-friendly drink. This combination provides sustained energy and promotes ketosis.
  3. Drizzling Over Veggies: Drizzle melted ghee over them after steaming or roasting vegetables. This enhances their flavor and adds healthy fats, making them more satisfying and keto-friendly.
  4. Use as a Spread: Instead of traditional butter, spread ghee on keto-friendly bread alternatives like almond flour or coconut flour bread. It’s a delicious and satisfying topping for low-carb toast.
  5. In Keto Baking: Ghee can be used in keto-friendly baking recipes to replace butter or other fats. It contributes a rich, buttery flavor without the lactose and milk solids, making it suitable for keto desserts and baked goods.
  6. Enhancing Keto Sauces: Add a dollop of ghee, the keto friendly butter, to keto-friendly sauces like alfredo, hollandaise, or creamy mushroom sauce. It adds flavor and increases the fat content, making the sauce more keto-compliant.

Remember to monitor your daily fat intake on a keto diet, as it should make up a significant portion of your calories. Ghee can be a valuable addition to your keto plan, providing healthy fats and enhancing the flavor of your meals while keeping your carbohydrate intake low.

keto friendly butter: which is the best option? 1

Why grass-fed ghee is the best keto friendly butter?

Grass-fed ghee is often considered one of the best keto friendly butter alternatives for several reasons:

  • High-Fat Content: Ghee is primarily fat, making it an excellent source of healthy good fats and a vital ketogenic diet component. A significant portion of the keto diet should come from fats, and ghee fits this requirement perfectly.
  • Zero Carbs: Authentic grass-fed ghee contains no carbohydrates. The carb-free content of ghee is an ideal choice for a keto diet where carbohydrate intake is strictly limited to achieve and maintain ketosis.
  • Lactose-Free: Ghee is lactose-free because it is clarified butter, with the milk solids removed during manufacturing. This is crucial for those with lactose intolerance who need to avoid dairy-based products.
  • Rich Flavor: Ghee has a rich, nutty flavor that can enhance the taste of keto-friendly dishes without adding carbs or sugars. It’s a great way to add flavor to your meals while adhering to the keto guidelines.
  • High Smoke Point: Ghee has a high smoke point, typically around 450°F (232°C) or higher. This means it can withstand high-heat cooking methods like frying and sautéing without breaking down or producing harmful byproducts, which is vital for keto-friendly recipes.
  • Nutrient Profile: Grass-fed ghee from cows raised on pasture tends to have a better nutrient profile, including higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and antioxidants, all of which can support overall health.
  • Long Shelf Life: Ghee has a longer shelf life than regular butter due to removing moisture and milk solids. This can be convenient for keto dieters who may use butter less frequently.
  • Versatile Cooking Fat: Ghee can be used in various cooking methods, from frying and sautéing to baking and blending into keto-friendly beverages like bulletproof coffee.

While grass-fed ghee has these advantages, consuming it in moderation is essential, as it is calorie-dense. Like any dietary choice on the keto diet, portion control is vital. Overall, grass-fed ghee, the best keto friendly butter, is favored by many keto enthusiasts for its high-fat, low-carb profile and versatility in keto-friendly cooking.

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