Indian mothers are obsessed with ghee

  • July 15, 2021
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Indian mothers are obsessed with ghee

How much ghee is healthy for children?

No. Your child does not need half a cup of ghee every day.

Indian mothers are obsessed with ghee. Undoubtedly, especially homemade ghee is healthy. It has a myriad of health benefits too. However, you cannot overfeed ghee to your child. The fact that children need it during growing years and they’ll easily digest it is only partially true. Portion control is necessary from an early age to avoid childhood obesity and other complications. Dr Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist, Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta Road Bengaluru shares with us the actual amount of ghee or fats your child needs:

Indian mothers are obsessed with ghee
Indian mothers are obsessed with ghee

Fat intake is essential for adequate growth and brain development of your toddler. It has the accurate amount of DHA and EPA which along with Vitamin A, D, E and K help in brain development. Ghee is also known to improve memory which will help your infant in the long run. But other nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins to, make a major portion of your toddler’s daily calorie intake. Too much of butter, peanut butter and processed cheese should be avoided in a toddlers’ diet. Try to include 5-10 % of the fibre in your toddler’s’ diet which can come from veggies and fruits.

Children usually tolerate fats well unless someone has pancreatic or liver disorder where they may have fat malabsorption. Usually fat should constitute 30-35 % of your toddler’s diet. If you have concerns regarding your child being underweight and this is why you feed them with ghee or butter, you must consult your paediatrician before doing it. Just ghee will not contribute to a healthy weight increase in your child. A proper diet considering his/her age and weight can be followed for maintaining the appropriate weight. 

How many spoonfuls per day is required?

It’s recommended you limit your toddler’s ghee intake to not more than half a teaspoon to maximum 1 teaspoon per day. This is not a fixed number though as it can still vary with the weight and growth of your toddlers.

Indian mothers are obsessed with ghee
Indian mothers are obsessed with ghee

What should be the ideal fat intake especially if the child is consuming cheese, butter, and oil too?

An average toddler generally needs 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Approximately 30 percent of this must come from fats. It is not the only source of fat. Your child is consuming calories and fat from others foods and milk that you feed them with.

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