Fat Makes Fat When Paired Carbohydrates in food combo

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Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-fat is a lifestyle enemy.

If obesity and lifestyle diseases are a global concern, then what makes you fat is also a serious concern. But what is carb pairing? 

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates is a keto diet success formula. The traditional concept was that including fatty elements in the diet is detrimental to maintaining a healthy body weight, but modern research opposes the idea.  Fatty materials are not the reason for being overweight until paired wrong. But what is carb pairing?

According to the latest survey and research, it is proven that neither the fat nor the carbs alone can make you overweight. But if we check carbohydrates vs fats and try to detect what is unhealthy, we will find that comparing carb and fatty foods means fat makes fat if paired with carbohydrates.  It is now medically proven that when carbs and fatty acids are paired with each other, there is a potential risk of generating unwanted weight for your body. But what was the survey about?

In a study of 16 men (9 slim humans and 7 obese individuals), subjects were fed a strict diet offering 150% caloric requirements (designed for gaining weight). The extra 50% of calories came from either carbohydrate or fatty foods for 14 days at a time. Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-subjects completed both diets in a crossover scheme.

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-Researchers observed that both carbohydrate and fat-overfeeding subjects had experienced identical increases in body weight, fat mass, and lean mass. These increases did not differ between the lean and obese subjects either.¹

Another similar overfeeding study of 20 lean men also observed no differences in the increase of total weight or fat mass gained after 21 days of weight gain diet².

So what makes you fat? What is carb pairing?

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-this is a controversial point, and the triggers may not be the same for all. Modern nutritionists believe that carbohydrate intake drives obesity because it can raise the hormone insulin in the human body. Insulin is said to block the process of releasing release of fat in the body, and it also drives additional fat storage.

So we can safely conclude that fat is not responsible for unwanted fat accumulation in our body! Alternatively, Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-when fat is paired with carbs or carbs and fats are taken in the diet together.. It has the tendency to introduce the overweight problem in your body.

As these fat cells grow and insulin hormones tend to lose their sensitivity, a hazardous quotient of elevated blood sugar and fat levels surfaces, inducing the risk for diabetes type-2 and high-level cholesterol.

What’s even more insightful is the fact that the ketogenic diet, which is high in protein and fats, but extremely low in carbs, is recently identified as promoting natural weight loss and finally leading toward improved health, far over the “approved diets” by health freaks all across the world. Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates- this is a proven fact for the keto diet.

Switching to the low-carb diet did cause an initial sharp decrease in total weight loss, but this was due to the drop in water weight that accompanies carb restriction³.

Low-Carb Weight Loss

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-Following a low-carb diet alone won’t necessarily help you shed pounds. While many low-carb diets claim to help you in losing weight, a scientific study published in 2012 in “Physiology and Behavior” has suggested that low-carb diets can work for successful and negative impact less weight loss if paired with high-protein intakes and calorie restriction. Good fats like #grassfedghee work as a filler food in the diet scheme and help in calorie restriction.

One reason for this conclusion is that protein can boost satiety more than carbs, and it helps in burning extra calories while saturated fats in diet work for calorie restriction— according to a review published in 2008 in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” The ketogenic diet is one example of a low-carb weight-loss diet. Here good fats are always welcome, and dieters can use grass-fed ghee to have good fats in their food plan.

The weight loss scheme on low-carb diets

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-Low-carb diets have been considered popular and authentic for natural weight loss for over two decades. However, the research behind carbs vs fats effectiveness is still ongoing, and more studies are coming out regularly.

Here some of the fundamental highlights are narrated about what science has explored so far:

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-Low-carb diets will not help you lose weight in the long term. “The mark suggests that low-carb diets, like many other restrictive diet plans, are usually operative in the first six months for abrupt weight loss, but it benefits may disperse in the long term because of snags with compliance,” says one of the Keto diet researchers.

To get fat-burning physiological changes, you must keep your carbohydrate intake low (only 20 to 50 grams/ day). This is hard to achieve or maintain and runs the risk of limiting important nutrients, phytochemicals, and fiber in your diet. But with a good amount of protein and good fats in the diet plan, the problem can be managed successfully.

When you reduce carbs, you have to replace those calories with something, increasing protein and saturated fat intake. Higher-saturated fat diets have proven harmful health effects. Combining the low-carb, high-protein with good fats in your diet can work perfectly!

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-on On the other side, much research connects high-unprocessed-carb, high-fiber diets (like vegetarian and vegan eating habits) and good fats like grass-fed ghee to get favorable long-term health benefits.

 What is carb pairing? How to pair carbs and fats?

Now, how should you incorporate carbs and fats into your diet? “Rather than focusing on one specific dietary component like -carbohydrates, a better strategy would be to aim for a healthy overall dietary pattern,” says Rujuta Diwekar, the famous dietician from India that Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates…

According to her, a healthy weight loss diet would be a diet that can emphasize higher amounts of whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats in ghee (grass feed ghee/butter), and healthy proteins (nuts, legumes, eggs, seafood, as well as poultry) — while restricting bad carbs (such as refined grains and added sugars), red and processed meat, sodium-based foods, salt intake, vegetable oil, and trans fats, etc.

“Incorporating this healthy dietary pattern with sufficient daily physical activity and adequate rest, you can have the best chance for continuing a healthy body weight while staying away from the risk of lifestyle diseases,” opines Rujuta Diwekar.

But a low-carb diet works for me?

It is globally accepted now that carbs are perhaps the worst food items that add to your waistline than any other food nutrient. According to research, Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates- if low-carb and high-carb diets are matched for calories, there is hardly any difference in body fat change. However, your total caloric intake has to be restricted!

Yes,  we often can’t keep carb-laden junk foods off the hook. These products are generally low in nutrients and cannot be included in a healthy diet plan. They are certainly the biggest contributors to extra calories and, therefore, one of our main drivers of obesity and related health problems.

Low carb, good fat in restrictive quality, and healthy protein intake integrated diet can work perfectly for your body weight loss with its unique nuances. Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates- this is the formula for weight loss.

Disadvantages of high carb low-fat diet. 

A quandary about what is bad in a high-carb and low-fat diet may exist. Why carb intake has to be badly restricted? Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates- and it cannot help in weight management.

It’s vital to realize that we’re not trimming fat intake because fatty acids in the diet may exert adverse effects. There’s unconditionally nothing wrong with this macro-nutrient; it’s important to form a balanced and healthy diet. Generally, our body uses three metabolic pathways (Phosphagen, anaerobic, aerobic) regardless of our main training modality. You need some fatty foods which will work as fuel for your body along with proteins.

We try to reduce the intake of fatty foods and have quality fats because fat is calorically dense, and good fat intake will increase harmful cholesterol. A high-carb and low-fat combo is a risky diet plan as there is a high chance of overeating and inducing more than the required calorie count in the diet.

The definition of “low” fat may vary from person to person and on their personal weight loss goal. Still, a diet is usually considered a low-fat plan if you accumulate 20% or less of your total calories from this macronutrient.

The advantages of a low-carb diet

Modern research has pointed out multiple advantages of following a low-carb diet. These are as follows:

Natural weight loss of body: The low-carb diet is highly effective for losing weight. When you eat a considerable quantity of carbs, these get converted to glucose. Blood glucose acts as the most convenient source of energy for your body. With a high-carb diet, the excess glucose gets deposited as glycogen in the liver and muscle cells.

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-In case of a low-carb diet, the supply of glucose in the blood gets controlled. The body can no longer get the required energy easily from the blood glucose. Then it breaks down the stored fats in your body to get the necessary energy. This results in natural weight loss.

Hunger control: Low carb diet helps achieve wonderful calorie management by imposing appetite loss. The benefit is that you need not deliberately count the calorie count. In a low carb, you can eat certain foods like lean protein and foods with saturated fats in moderation. Protein builds lean mass in your body, and good fats like grass-fed ghee act as a filler food and control hunger pang.

The result is enjoying restriction on your appetite despite eating less.

High thermic effect: Low carb diet contributes to weight loss by implementing a high thermic effect. Instead of simply counting the calories, if you design a low-carb diet where most of your calories are derived from protein instead of carbs, this will create a high thermic effect, which will help you lose weight faster than a diet where you keep on counting calories.

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2005, weight loss statistics of two groups of subjects were measured over 4 weeks between a very low-calorie diet and six months of maintenance diets.

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-It was seen that the group that followed a low-carb, high-protein diet lost more weight compared to the other group that had consumed an equal amount of calories but with a higher proportion of carbs.

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates
Fat makes fat-paired carbohydrates

A good way to control blood sugar: A low-carb diet helps control blood sugar. Metabolism of carbs usually leads to glucose formation, which upsurges the blood sugar level. So, a low-carb diet supplies not as much of blood sugar. People at higher risk of diabetes type II will enjoy lower blood sugar counts if they follow a low-carb diet.

Blood pressure stays regulated: Low carb diet helps in regulating blood pressure. In a study by Yancy et al in 2009, it was observed that a low-carb diet helps maintain low blood pressure.

Ensures good control over serum triglyceride in blood:  Low-carb diet effectively reduces serum triglyceride count in the blood. This was proven in a 2005 study by Wood. Lower triglyceride count reduces the risk of cardio disease, obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease: Low carb diet can help reduce C-reactive protein in the blood. CRP is a recognized inflammation marker linked with a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Some good fatty foods you can add in your Keto diet Plan

  • Moderate low-carb– 100g total carbs or below/ day
  • Low-carb– 50g net carbs/day
  • Keto– 20g net carbs/day, or lesser than this quantity.

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-All fats are not countable as good.  Some of the good fatty foods you can safely incorporate into your ketogenic diet plan are mentioned here.

  • Grass-fed cow ghee/butter with moderation.
  • Flax seeds.
  • Chia Seeds.
  • Coconuts and unrefined coconut oil.
  • Full-fat yogurt.
  • Fatty fish.
  • Whole eggs.

Final verdict:

Fat Makes Fat Paired Carbohydrates-Fat is not that fattening if it is a quality fat and if it can be consumed in moderation. However, a combo of fat and carbohydrate is not a healthy option for people planning to shed unwanted weight.

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