Keto broccoli ghee recipe: a healthy tasty dish to cook

  • April 27, 2022
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keto broccoli ghee recipe is a tasty and nutritious recipe that offers you ghee’s nutrition and the health benefits of broccoli.  Now you wonder why ghee is the best oil to cook the dish instead of any other oil.

keto broccoli ghee recipe is a keto diet-approved recipe that calls for high fat and low carbohydrate content.  In this recipe ghee works as the source of good quality fats and broccoli contains lots of fibers and no carb at all.  But why ghee is the best oil used in this keto recipe?

keto broccoli ghee recipe: why ghee is the best oil here?

  • Ghee contains good quality saturated fats and almost no trans fat.  It is a proven fact that saturated fats are good for heart health but transfat is detrimental to health.  When you are using ghee for cooking broccoli, you are using good quality fat to cook a fiber-rich vegetable.
  • Ghee offers a high smoke point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit. keto broccoli ghee recipe is a roasting recipe, which is a high-temperature cooking method. Due to the high smoke point of ghee, it is a safe oil for the roasting process.
  • Ghee offers an intense flavor. When you have cooked keto broccoli ghee recipe, you can enjoy the nutty ghee flavor, which will offer you a feel-good mood.
  • Ghee is a dairy oil, which is lactose, casein, and gluten-free. If you have a dairy allergy, ghee is the best dairy oil you can choose, which is risk-free a dairy item.
  • Ghee offers lots of health benefits.  Digestion friendliness, weight loss support, bone care, hair care, and skincare benefits are the result of ghee nutrition, which you can enjoy by consuming keto broccoli ghee recipe.

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keto broccoli ghee recipe: How to cook?


  • Broccoli florets (cut into bite-size pieces)- 3 cup
  • Ghee (or coconut oil for vegan)- 2 tbsp
  • Salt-1 dash         
  • Hemp seeds, shelled-1 tbsp hulled         


  • Preheat the oven to 350°F (177°C).
  • Line the baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Melt the ghee and coat the broccoli with ghee and salt.
  • Spread the ghee-coated broccoli on the baking sheet.
  • Place in the oven and cook for 8-10 minutes.
  • Flip the broccoli and cook for 8-10 minutes more.
  • Once entirely cooked, remove the broccoli from the oven and sprinkle with hemp seeds.

Summing up:

keto broccoli ghee recipe is a tasty and nutritious vegetarian recipe you can try anytime.  Besides ghee nutrition, broccoli contains Vitamin K, fiber, and calcium.  The combination of these two ingredients offers a good quantity of nutrition for the keto diet followers.

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