How to make ghee from milk

How to make ghee from milk is an open secret.But what makes the process special is the use of raw material and the traditional process. The ghee manufacturer can combine hygienic production process and superior quality milk butter, can make best quality cow ghee.

Ghee is also known as clarified butter. This dairy item is procured from milk butter. In a slow cooking process milk butter gets boiled and gradually the lactose and casein part of the milk gets removed from the butter. Ghee making process eliminated milky part from the butter hence it is called clarified butter.

Clarified butter vs. Butter: risk of allergy

Clarified butter and butter are both dairy products but they are not the same products. Butter contains lactose and casein hence people with lactose intolerance may not be able to digest butter.


As ghee (clarified butter) is produced by heating milk butter and the products does not contain the trace of lactose and casein, lactose intolerant people can consume the dairy without the risk of food allergy.

#Clarified butter vs. Butter: smoke point

There is a huge different of smoke point between clarified butter and dairy butter. Butter offers lower smoke point whereas ghee is called a safe cooking oil for its higher smoke point. For example, Butter offer a smoke point of 350 degrees F but cow ghee offers a smoke point of 485 degrees F.

For natural reason, cooking with ghee is safer than cooking with butter.

Clarified butter vs. Butter: shelf-life

Organic Pure cow ghee is more shelf-stable than cow milk butter. Pure organic quality ghee can be stored for 12-18 months from the date of manufacturing but butter can be preserved for 6-9 months with the support of refrigeration.

In room temperature if you keep butter, it may go ranch, but pure cow ghee can stay intact under room temperature for 12 months. In terms of shelf life, ghee is a better and economic choice in kitchen.

Clarified butter vs. Butter: calorie count

Ghee offers higher calorie which is around 120 calorie/ one tablespoon, whereas butter offers 102calorie/one table spoon.  In terms of filler food, ghee is a better choice than butter. In terms of saturated fats, ghee contains 10 grams whereas butter contains 7 grams, and that makes ghee more Paleo and Keto friendly than butter.

These are the basic difference of ghee and butter although both ghee and butter are dairy products. There is a role of butter if you close view the method of how to make ghee from milk. Once butter is made out of milk, then only #ghee is made from the butter.

So it can be said safely that more purified and filtered butter is called clarified or simplified butter.

The quality of ghee depends on the quality of the butter. The butter produced from the 100% grass fed cow milk is counted as the best raw material for making organic grass fed ghee.  The quality of ghee largely depends on the raw milk butter quality and the process– how to make ghee from milk.

Milkio Traditional Cow ghee is produced from 100% #grassfed cow milk butter of #NewZealand.

The ghee is produced under best hygienic condition with best tools. Milkio traditional grass fed ghee is organic certified and the manufacturing facility is USFDA registered.



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