How to make ghee at home is an open secret.

Credit goes to the popularity of this dairy product and its dietary benefits, now ghee or organic ghee is one of the most popular searched food items on the internet.

Health freaks, beauty conscious people, as well as lovers of Ayurvedic medicines are of the same opinion that this 22nd century superfood retains its quality if all intricacies are maintained in its production process. 

Theoretically, you need to cook milk butter in slow process for making it clarified so that it becomes more refined.  But there are so many buts. Unless you use some of the most essential factors in this cooking process, you cannot make best quality ghee at home, no matter how much you invest your effort.

Is ghee made of milk?

Ghee is a unique form of highly-clarified milk #butter that is by tradition used in Asian and Middle East cooking. Similar to dairy butter, ghee is classically produced from cow’s milk. The butter gets separated into liquid fats and milk solids while boiling for longer time. Once separated, the milk solids are taken away, which means that ghee is made free from lactose, and has become safe for consumption for #lactoseallergic people.

Now #Howtomakeghee at home?

When butter gets melted, the upper portion of it contains water, and it forms the froth. Beyond this point the butter starts losing all the moisture and gradually the milk solids get settled at the bottom of the pan. The middle portion contains pure liquid fat, it is ghee.

Why grass fed butter is highly preferred in making ghee?

Grass fed butter is superior quality of butter, it is produced from the 100% grass des cow milk. According to dairy experts, cows that graze on open pasture produced better quality milk than cows maintained in captivity.

Grass fed cow milk is more nutritious than usual grain-fed cow milk. Hence grass fed butter is highly preferred in making ghee as the raw material of ghee.

Homemade ghee: how to smell it better?

Ghee has a nutty aroma, which is its typical smell. But for homemade ghee you can do some special arrangement so that it smells well and you can keep it for long without the support of refrigeration.

  • You may add 1-2 beetle leaves: beetle leaves will add a good smell in the #homemadeghee. You can remove the leaves after 3-4 hours of keeping it in the homemade ghee.
  • In Southern India, curry leaves are added to ghee: it is done for boosting the flavor of clarified butter.
  • You may add turmeric leaves for adding special #aroma to the homemade ghee.

How many liters of milk is needed to make 1 kg cow ghee?

This measurement of milk for ghee making may vary from one manufacturer to another. In home you may use between 16 and 35 liters for making one kg cow ghee. If ghee is prepared for making Ayurvedic medicine, it may require 40 kg of pure cow milk. Desi ghee means ghee that is produced by old traditional process.

In this process milk is converted to milk butter and hen ghee is produced by boiling ghee butter.

How ghee is different than clarified butter?

There is a fine line of difference between ghee and clarified butter. Ghee is one step further refined and caramelized version of clarified butter.  You need to slow cook clarified butter to get pure cow ghee. While clarified butter is mostly of tallow golden color, ghee is slightly brownish.

Clarified butter can be semi liquid but homemade ghee is mostly of solid state.

How to preserve homemade ghee?

Homemade ghee can be stored in glass jar. It has to be stored away from heat, light, and moisture exposure. Grass fed organic ghee can be stored in kitchen without the support of refrigeration. But you may not be sure about the milk quality of your homemade ghee. You should store it in refrigerator for full-poof safety.

Don’t you think after knowing how to make ghee at home, it is quite an extensive and expensive process? If you want to have purest organic certified grass fed ghee, you can try Milkio traditional ghee.

Made in New Zealand, this premium quality cow ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk. Milkio grass fed ghee is available for online purchase too. 

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