Does Ghee taste like butter?

  • August 14, 2021
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Does Ghee taste like butter?

It is a relevant question because ghee is considered as a healthy butter substitute. Butter releases a milky aroma and it offers both salted and unsalted varieties.

But ghee releases a nutty flavor, and it is mostly tasteless unless you use an infused ghee variety. Infused ghee is prepared with added flavor, but pure grass-fed ghee is a tasteless dairy product that you can use in all types of foods as a taste enhancer.

There is hardly any similarity between ghee and butter by its taste. If you use quality grass-fed ghee, you will get to feel a clear feel-good aroma of clarified butter that offers perfect prevention for your mood swing, which is not present in dairy butter. The taste of butter is almost milky but ghee clarified butter does not offer any milky taste even when used raw as a spread or in bulletproof coffee.

If you want to compare ghee and butter, you can find many differences.

But if your query is about the taste of ghee vs. butter, the answer is straightforward. Both of these dairy products taste distinctly different from each other. Although both of them are prepared from milk, ghee can work as a taste enhancer, while butter is not used for the same purpose for this taste difference.

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