Sustainability in Milkio

At its core, the issue of a clean environment is a matter of public health.


Why is Sustainability important?

The importance of sustainability has become a focal point of many industries in the world.

Especially farming and dairy industries reserve immense importance for sustainability due to the direct impact of these industries not only on the planet but also on the health of the human population.

There are two vital reasons why sustainability is important for human beings. Firstly, it is environmental quality and secondly, it is healthy growth.

In order to have good healthy communities, we need clean air, natural resources, and a non-toxic environment.

As the global population is on the rise, it is important that we utilize these natural resources such as energy, water, and soil in a more sustainable way.

Sustainability in New Zealand Context

New Zealand, because of its geographical location is naturally gifted with a strong healthy environment.

It is a country that is committed to reducing environmental footprint as well as building healthy sustainable communities via dairy farming which is one of the prime industries in New Zealand.

Sustainability, like farming, has been an inter-generational effort in New Zealand where consistent progress has been made in the past and the same is continued in the present to secure the upcoming future.

In the past couple of decades, the dairy sector in New Zealand has significantly moved towards being more sustainable, and with the global dynamics of environmental changes, there is more to be done.
Farmers and other stakeholders have collaborated closely here, making the New Zealand dairy industry sustainable and responsible.

New Zealand dairy industry typically follows the following guidelines in the space of sustainability

  • Protect and nurture the environment for future generations
  • Build the world’s most competitive and resilient dairy farming businesses
  • Produce the highest quality and most valued dairy nutrition
  • Be the world leader in on-farm animal care
  • Build great workplaces for NZ’s most talented workforce
  • Help in growing vibrant and prosperous communities

Sustainability at Milkio

The current era of the dairy strategy recognizes the importance of being transparent and open and continuing to provide the natural, high-quality products that New Zealand is recognized and famous for the world over. At Milkio, the sustainability of our beautiful planet is at our heart and we follow that in a very simple way.

We just ensure that we follow this complete food chain of sustainability in the dairy industry.

⇒ We source our raw materials only from the traceable and sustainable dairy manufacturers in New Zealand.
⇒ We ensure that we process it in the most sustainable manner by taking care that we do not spoil the natural purity of the ingredients by any means.
⇒ We also use only sustainable packaging materials for our finished products that would ensure minimal harm to the environment
⇒ In the end, we also ensure that our best quality ghee reaches our consumers in the most sustainable way by working with logistic partners who are equally passionate about the global environment as we are.


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