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Careful today, bountiful tomorrow

New Zealand cows are called the happiest cows in the world. Not surprising as they’re well kept, fed with organic quality grass only, and graze on open pasture for most of the year. Complete care is given to animal welfare so that the dairy cows and sheep can lead a stress-free normal life and produce better quality milk.

New Zealanders are committed to maintaining the best-unpolluted environment that leads to the best dairy-supportive environment in the world.

As the result, New Zealand offers the world the best dairy products. We, at Milkio Foods, respect and adhere to responsible farming. We confirm high standards of cattle grooming, breeding, and finally, complete animal welfare.

We believe that a workable and well-organized dairy industry can coexist with a healthy and functioning ecosystem. Maintaining that natural coexistence is our sole commitment to the environment of clean, green, pure New Zealand.

That’s a promise we make to ourselves and our fellow citizens.