Replacement for ghee

Replacement for ghee, while cooking, you might have wondered about it. While nothing can compare to the flavor that ghee provides, there are several so-called substitutes available in the market you may try. Ghee comes with an aromatic smell which is a bit nutty but is a great alternative to butter and can be consumed by anyone. They are used in versatile global cuisines. Read to find out the suitable ghee replacement you could opt for.

  • Olive Oil: It is almost always available in all households and is often considered a kitchen staple like ghee. When short of ghee, this is a great alternative and is considered healthy too. But olive oil is not shelf-stable and offers low smoking point than ghee.
  • Coconut Oil: Ghee enhances the flavor profile of any dish you add it to. Coconut oil though not more enhances the flavor profile too. Depending on what your preferred replacement is and you may try it as a replacement for ghee. But the smell of coconut is not always pleasant.
  • Sesame Oil: Not many consider it as a kitchen staple, but this could be a substitute for ghee. It comes with a strong flavor profile and can be used as a ghee substitute. But low smoking point than ghee is an unfavorable choice.
  • Sunflower Oil: Sunflower oil comes with a high smoke point just like ghee- 450-degree Fahrenheit. But this herbal oil is refined and contains omega-6 a lot, which is not healthy to consume.

Replacement for ghee is actually not possible. Grass-fed ghee is nutritious, shelf-stable, and delicious and offers grass-fed goodness for its consumers.  Getting all the qualities of ghee in cooking oil is not a feasible idea, opines some ghee enthusiasts.



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Replacement For Ghee
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