Ghee instead of butter: Can ghee help in baking?

  • August 7, 2021
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Ghee instead of butter

Ghee instead of butter – can you use ghee as a butter alternative?  Here is the catch. Although butter is a highly popular baking ingredient, many people avoid butter due to different substitutes. You may use ghee instead of butter to bake. Here is all you need to know about baking with ghee and how it differs from using butter.  

  • Leavening agent: The key reason behind the use of butter in baking is introducing air through leavening. This is why baked goods such as cakes tend to be fluffy and light. However, you may also use ghee for the same purpose as it is similar to butter in texture.  

  • Flavor: Butter adds a rich flavor to baked goods. Ghee does the same, but it is much more aromatic than butter and carries a nutty flavor. Items baked in ghee may have a distinctly identifiable flavor.  

  • Temperature: You might want to note that although ghee has a high smoke point, its melting point is quite low. Thus, ghee tends to melt quite easily. Using ghee instead of butter is best suited for items, which require baking at high temperatures.

  • Nutrition: A cake baked in ghee would be far more nutritious than one baked with butter. This is simply because ghee contains many good fats and vitamins, which butter is devoid of. Ghee also improves digestion and immunity and helps to lose weight. 

  • Moisture: The moisture level in ghee is higher than in butter. You might want to lower the content of water and other fluids if you are using ghee instead of butter to bake.

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Ghee instead of butter

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