Define ghee: 5 facts to learn to appreciate its unique traits

  • August 17, 2021
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Define Ghee

 it is not sufficient to understand that it is milk-made dairy oil, and it offers a typical nutty aroma. Ghee or ghee butter holds some more unique traits than this essential info. In organic farming, used raw ingredients and even the use of ghee in the diet plan impacts the ghee’s quality. Only the best quality pure ghee can offer you the health benefits the world is fascinated about.

Let’s start with the raw ingredients of ghee.

Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed ghee: raw material matters

Grass-fed ghee is the popular ghee variety, and ghee manufacturers claim their products grass-fed in many cases. But what makes the ghee grass-fed?

It is all about fairy farming. When dairy cattle are given only green grass or green grass-related fodders, these dairy cattle offer better quality milk. In organic farms, cows and sheep are allowed to graze on the open pasture, and that makes them stress-free.

Alternatively, in traditional farming, cattle are fed a mixed fodder of grains and grass, and they are mostly kept in captivity. A comparative study between grass-fed milk and grain-fed cow milk has proven that grass-fed cow milk is better in quality in terms of nutrients. Grass-fed cow milk contains more nutrients than grain-fed dairy milk.  

Ghee is a dairy where farming style impacts its quality. Isn’t it a unique dairy oil?

Ghee fats are healthy fats.

Ghee contains a considerable amount of fat. Out of that, 64% is healthy fats, which is heart-friendly and offers various health benefits, which makes ghee a unique dairy. The presence of health-friendly fatty acids is the reason behind ghee benefits and ghee’s uniqueness as a dairy cooking fat.

There are multiple ghee fatty acids like,

  • Conjugated linoleic acid helps in natural weight loss, strengthens the immune system, and promotes heart health.
  • Butyric Acid: It is a natural supplement for colon care and a healthy gut, eases the irritation of constipation, and works as an anti-cancer element in the body.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Improves feel-good mood, promotes weight loss, supports better eye and brain health, etc.

 Grass-fed ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, and they are hart friendly, which takes good care of the human heart.

The high smoke point of ghee is a unique trait

Grass-fed organic ghee offers a high smoke point, making it one of the most stable cooking fat against high-temperature exposure. It is entirely safe to use ghee for baking, deep-frying, roasting, sautéing, etc., where most common cooking oils fail to stay stable. Ghee offers 485 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ghee is a dairy without the risk of dairy sensitivity

Milk is nutritious, no doubt, but some milk content like lactose and casein may pose a health risk for some people who are lactose intolerant.

Although ghee is a dairy, in the ghee-making process, milk solids like lactose and casein get removed, and pure butterfat gets separated in the butter boiling pot. As a result, ghee gets produced with lactose and casein content and becomes risk-free for the diet of even severely lactose intolerants.

Ghee is storage-friendly

Although ghee is a milk-made product, unlike other milk products, ghee is not perishable. It offers its users a long shelf-life. You can store pure grass-fed ghee 12-18 months from its manufacturing date in your kitchen at room temperature.    

Compared to any other cooking fat, pure grass-fed ghee is more storage-friendly, which is a consumer advantage.

Ghee is versatile cooking oil.

Versatility is one of the unique traits that will also help you define ghee as an excellent dairy. You can use ghee for all types of cooking. Besides high-temperature cooking, you can use ghee for low-temperature cooking. Unlike butter and other cooking oils, you can use ghee for all kinds of dishes.

Besides using ghee as cooking oil, you can use ghee as a taste enhancer as well. This dairy cooking fat is a hood quality seasoning for your salad.

Except for ghee, such versatility of use is hardly found with other cooking oil. It will not be hyperbole to define ghee as a unique cooking oil in terms of use and cooking adaptability.

Ghee health benefits

Ghee is a cooking oil that offers excellent health benefits for the nutrients it contains. Some of the unique ghee’s health benefits are outlines here if you add ghee to the diet in moderation.

  • Ghee helps in faster digestion.
  • Ghee helps in natural weight loss.
  • Dairy oil is an immunity booster.
  • Dairy fat can reduce internal inflammation.
  • Ghee is a natural laxative and can reduce the problem of constipation.

These are the premium health benefits that make ghee a unique dairy oil. However, you can enjoy ghee benefits if you can maintain two restrictions about ghee consumption.  

  • It would help if you used ghee in moderation.
  • It would be best to use only the best quality grass-fed ghee to attract the best health benefits in your favor.

About Milkio Grass-fed ghee

It’s now time to know about Milkio Grass-fed ghee. It is a New Zealand-made product, and only 100% grass-fed cow milk butter is used for making Milkio grass-fed ghee. It is a 100% natural product without artificial color, flavor, or preservative. Milkio Ghee’s purity is certified by the USDA.

Milkio grass-fed ghee is a certified organic and non-GMO product. The organic and Non-GMO claim is certified by BioGro, New Zealand. It offers high smoking points. You can store Milkio Ghee in your kitchen without refrigeration support for 12-18 months (from the date of manufacturing).

Milkio Foods is the leading ghee manufacturer of New Zealand, and the company exports grass-fed ghee in 15 countries worldwide. Now Milkio Ghee is available on eBay and Etsy in the USA. For further availability of Milkio grass-fed ghee, or to define ghee of Milkio Foods. Milkio organic grass-fed ghee is now available on eBay and Etsy in the USA.


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