Why use ghee is a vital question about ghee and its users’ benefit.

You can use ghee in manifold ways, which includes the use of ghee as cooking oil, as a butter substitute, and as a massage oil for beauty therapy.  

As a cooking oil, you can use ghee for all types of cooking like daily cooking and gourmet cooking. Because of the high smoke point, ghee is perfectly suitable for high-temperature cooking like baking, deep-frying, slow cooking, etc. Ghee because of its aroma and neutral taste can bring the best palate and that makes it one of the best natural taste enhancers. In addition to the use of ghee in cooking, it is used as condiments in varieties of food preparations.

grass-fed ghee is a safe and tasteful butter alternative. Made of milk like butter ghee is compatible to use on morning toast like butter. You can use ghee instead of butter for making bulletproof coffee. You can use quality clarified butter on your salad for seasoning instead of using dairy butter.   

Clarified butter is well known for its therapeutic effect. According to Ayurveda, Ghee helps in brain development, it helps in improving the level of concentration and maintaining good eyesight.

clarified butter in the diet is good for maintaining the flexibility of bone joints.  The use of ghee in diet can help in immunity-boosting because of the good fats and fat-soluble vitamins in it.  

As a reliable source of butyrate, ghee helps in easing constipation and maintains good colon health. Pure cow ghee contains CLA, which is a known supplement for weight loss and stabilizing blood pressure. 

For all these benefits you can add ghee in the diet in moderation.

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