What is ghee butter

What is ghee butter and why health conscious people are using ghee in diet are an important question. In order to find the answer, you need to understand a few basic points about this milk fat, which has made it a superfood in the kitchen.

What is ghee butter is?

Ghee butter is a more clarified butter version of milk butter. It is made from pure cow’s milk. It is also known as clarified butter. As ghee is made from seething butter gently, the resultant flavor is much more intricate than regular dairy butter quality.

Besides being used as an exclusive ingredient in many food dishes, in Ayurvedic practice, ghee is also used as a base for several medicines for both intakes as well as for skin treatment, which clearly explains its healthy and pure quality.


A spoonful of dairy butter offers a higher percentage of butterfat, but also it includes some additional water and impurities, whereas ghee butter is pure, 100% unadulterated clarified butterfat. Hence ghee is also termed as clarified butter or anhydrous fat.

Is it good to have ghee every day?

It is good to have ghee every day if it is substituted with common cooking oil. Ghee is the ideal cooking oil for your daily diet if it is used with meticulous planning. Ghee’s diet should be accompanied by an active lifestyle.

“what is ghee butter” People with already cholesterol should consult a doctor before trying a ghee diet.

Commonly, according to the doctor’s recommendation, healthy people may have up to three teaspoons (15g / 1 tablespoon) of pure cow ghee per day to enjoy almost all the ghee benefits. Ghee can be used as raw with bread and rotis. People looking for healthy weight loss may use some raw ghee in morning tea or coffee for turning it into an energy drink and using ghee as a filler food.

Is ghee easy to digest?

What is amazing about ghee is that it is pure butter fat. All the sugar and proteins are cooked out, leaving behind an easy-to-digest dairy staple, tasteful healthy, and digestion friendly.

If you prefer cooking with ghee, you will ding that ghee cooked foods are easy to digest. They will not digest very fat but they will not mess with your digestive system either.

You can use ghee as a filler food that will control your hunger pang. At the same time, ghee will help you to keep your digestive system clean, healthy, and active.

How long it takes to digest ghee?

It is commonly calculated that ghee takes 3-4 hours to digest. However, it may differ from one person to another. People enjoying exercise, active lifestyle, or leading a healthy life may get it digested earlier.

Can we eat ghee in empty stomach?

Yes, you can have ghee in your morning tea or coffee.  People often opine that consumption of ghee, as this dairy product is full of fat and some protein may cause complexity in digestion. But consumption of ghee before workout or before a hectic daily schedule will help in maintaining natural energy level.

Why ghee is healthy to eat?

Pure ghee is a saturated fat and it is clinically proven that moderate consumption of saturated fats is healthy for heart health also. Ghee is high in smoke point, which makes it safe to use in cooking even at higher temperature like slow cooking, baking, and deep frying etc.

At the time of making ghee, the milk solids are completely taken off from the butter and that is why ghee is formed from 100% pure butter fat.

If the question is “what is ghee butter”, we can safely conclude that this 100% butter fat is called ghee butter which is healthy to eat, and easier to digest.  

What is ghee butter is a simple quandary about the nature of ghee. It is a dairy product, which is free of lactose hence does not irritate lactose intolerant people if taken in foods.

Ghee butter can be added to kids’ diet too, and it has manifold medicinal, culinary and beauty benefits of body.

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