Ghee oil is a safe cooking oil. Now you may ask what makes ghee oil a safe choice.

Yes, pure cow ghee is a safer preference for cooking. Cow ghee as oil is a versatile choice for your kitchen. But what makes ghee a safer choice?

Before we judge ghee as a cooking oil, let’s check what makes a cooking oil safer to use in kitchen? The general reasons taken in consideration are its versatility, health safe, storage friendliness, longer shelf life, etc. If we close-view pure cow ghee as a cooking oil, we will get to find all these benefits at par.

Why Ghee is versatile

Cooking with ghee is a great experience. You can use ghee butter oil for all types of cooking. Be it is deep frying, sautéing, or baking, you can use ghee.

 Pure cow Ghee is suitable for cooking both veg and non-veg items. Besides ghee in cooking as oil, this dairy product can be used raw in salad seasoning or as spread on your morning roast.

If you are following Keto diet or Paleo food routine, you can use ghee in diet as one of the most reliable sources of saturated fats.

You can use ghee in your morning tea or coffee. It will help you in supplying energy and will keep your hunger pang at bay resulting in unique calorie intake control.  

Why ghee is health safe?

Ghee contains loads of saturated fats and some heart friendly vitamins. It has a higher smoke point and because of the higher smoke point, ghee is the most suitable and safe oil for higher temperature cooking without the risk of getting broken in harmful free radicals.

What is the store friendliness of ghee oil?

You can store good quality organic ghee oil in your kitchen without the support of refrigeration.  Keep the ghee container at the dark shelf, away from the exposure to heat and sunlight. Also you should keep the container away from the unwanted exposure of moisturizer.

What is the shelf life of pure ghee oil?

If stored in an air-tight container in the dark dry shelf in your kitchen, organic ghee oil stays intact for 12-18 months from its date of manufacturing.

The fact clearly signifies that you can buy ghee oil in bulk and preserve the same in your kitchen without the risk of compromising its delicate texture, flavor, and taste.

5 points to remember while using it in cooking

Ghee in cooking is a healthy choice but you have to remember a few points of caution.  These are:

  1. Moderation is one of the most important points of having ghee diet. You must maintain restriction while using the dairy staple in your cooking/ food.
  2. You must maintain an active lifestyle and adequate rest to accommodate ghee cooking in your lifestyle. Ghee diet without exercise may turn detrimental to your body weight management.
  3. Do not use ghee if it gets rancid. Rancid cow ghee turns whitish in color with a typical smell.
  4. Do not reuse ghee oil. Once the ghee oil crosses its smoke point, it oxidizes and its fat content begins to decompose forming toxic compounds.
  5. Do not use brown butter if you are suffering from acute heart, liver, of kidney disease.

Ghee oil is an excellent pantry ingredient with lots of potential health benefits. However, nothing excessive is good and may have strong adverse effect, which is true about clarified butter as oil.  Therefore, remembering 5 points of ghee cooking constraint is important.

Organic cow ghee is a versatile cooking item. For best quality organic grass fed cow ghee you may try cooking with Milkio cow ghee. You will enjoy your ghee cooking for sure for all the health benefits brown butter offers to its consumers.




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