How do you make ghee clarified butter? Old secret is shared

  • January 25, 2022
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How do you make ghee clarified butter? If you are a ghee enthusiast, you will surely love to read more to learn the ghee recipe.

How do you make ghee clarified butter– it is a big-volumed searched item on any widespread search engine! Ghee’s popularity is the reason behind the popularity of this topic; however, it is not rocket science also. If you know how to make ghee at home, like your favorite recipes, you may try making this dairy oil at home. 

Ghee is a unique dairy so is its making process. You may try making ghee in two ways. You may buy milk butter from the market or purchase pure cow milk to make unsalted butter from this milk. Procuring raw material is the essential task of the task, how do you make ghee clarified butter

Ghee quality depends on ghee raw ingredients.

Maintaining authenticity and purity is one of the requisites of ghee-making. You have to use cow milk, which is pure and fresh. If you wish, you may buy good quality unsalted milk butter for making ghee. Purchasing the best raw material is essential because ghee quality largely depends on the raw material.  

Regardless, you will make butter from milk or buy unsalted butter from the market to make ghee. In both cases, purity and authenticity will bring better results if you want to learn how do you make ghee clarified butter—identifying pure and authentic raw materials matters a lot.  

How do you make ghee clarified butter: the main action is boiling the butter. 

Suppose you are making ghee at home. Take a pan with a thick bottom. Then against a medium flame, add the butter into it. Let the butter melt. Once butter gets wholly melted, allow it to boil. Adjust the flame from medium to low so that the boiling continues as a slow cooking method. The slow cooking method is the core idea of learning how do you make ghee clarified butter at home. 

Let milk solids get removed.

If you want to try making ghee clarified butter at home, you have to know the unique features of ghee that it is lactose and casein-free dairy. The boiling process is a long one, and during slow cooking, milk solids of milk butter get removed. These elements get deposited at the bottom and are called ghee residue. The slow cooking process helps remove these two elements and makes ghee a safe dairy.

The butterfat gets isolated in the crockpot. 

During boiling, butterfat gets separated and is found in the crockpot. Using a ghee strainer, you can filter the ghee clarified butter from the ghee residues, which is all about the ghee-making process. Making ghee clarified butter is a simple process, but the entire process involves some intricacies. Once you are done with the ghee-making, you can filter and collect ghee in an airtight container. 


How do you make ghee clarified butter: storage tips

The ability of ghee making does not end if you know only how to make ghee clarified butter. You need to learn the art of ghee storage too. Ghee offers a longer shelf life and does not have refrigeration support if you store it with few dos and don’ts. 

  • Always keep ghee in a glass jar with dark colors.
  • It is recommended to keep the pot in a dark and dry place so that you can avoid exposure to light and moisture.
  • Never use a wet spoon to bring ghee out of the jar.
  • Do not use fingers to check ghee for any reason. 

Summing up:

 Learning how do you make ghee clarified butter is not tough theoretically, but it is extensive. It may seem to be a simple task, but there are some intricacies involved, which you should know besides knowing the ghee-making process. It is time-consuming too.  

However, if you wish to use pure and delicious ghee clarified butter for your use, you may buy premium grass-fed quality ghee butter from the market. Grass-fed ghee from an excellent and unpolluted place like New Zealand is a wise buy for your health benefits. If you can buy premium quality ghee butter, you may skip the learning process of how do you make ghee clarified butter.

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