Use ghee instead of butter? 4 advantages ghee will offer you

  • July 5, 2021
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Use ghee instead of butter: Have you ever thought of it? is it a wise choice?

Use ghee instead of butter – have you got the suggestion ever before? However, to take the diet call,  you have to compare both the dairy items to understand their scope of use, benefits, and use of convenience respectively to select the best dairy for cooking. Let;s read about the choice. If you use ghee instead of butter, what are the benefits you will be getting altogether.

Ghee is prepared from butter, which means ghee is a more refined dairy product than butter, and that is why ghee is also known as clarified butter.

But there are some definite differences between ghee and butter.

Organic Ghee is a lactose-free product, but butter is not free of lactose. Lactose causes allergy for lactose intolerants, and ghee is completely free of lactose, hence for lactose intolerant ghee is a better option. There is a chance of bloating and stomach upset after butter consumption, but with ghee, there is hardly any risk of lactose intolerance or good sensitivity.

In terms of smoking point, ghee offers 485° Fahrenheit smoke point, which is higher than the butter (320° Fahrenheit).if we are concerned about safe cooking, ghee is a better cooking oil than butter because of the higher smoking point. Butter offers 350 degrees Fahrenheit smoke point, which is why if you use ghee instead of butter, it will be a better choice. 

Use ghee instead of butter
Use ghee instead of butter

Butter offers salted or unsalted taste with a milky aroma. But grass-fed ghee does not have any taste. It is of a blunt taste, but when ghee gets added to food, it works as the taste enhancer of the dish. It is more convenient to use ghee than butter for its shelf-friendliness.

If you compare ghee vs butter, ghee has another point of advantage. If you use ghee instaed of butter, you will enjoy better storage friendliness of the ghee butter. Under proper storage conditions, you can store ghee in your kitchen for 18 months from the date of its manufacturing without refrigeration support, but for butter, you cannot store it that long.

Summing up:

How to use ghee instead of  butter is no rocket science. You can use simply as you use butter. But there is a little BUT. you have to use best quality grass fed ghee only maintaining modertaion in intake quantity. Only grass fed ghee offers the highest value of ghee’s nutrition, hence you should prefer grass fed ghee only to your diet.

So the best shortcut to know how to use ghee instead of butter is to replace butter with ghee in every butter recipe. But you have to select the best quality grass fed ghee only to add optimum ghee benefits in your favor.

Try Milkio grass fed ghee, which is a pure New Zealand product if you want to use ghee instead of butter safely. Made with authentic  grass fed butter, deep dairy expertise of New Zealand, loaded with grass fed good ness, Milkio grass fed ghee is lactose, casein, and gluten-free products, perfectly suitable for dairy sensitives’ diet.

Milkio Gras fed ghee offers high smoke point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit. It  is safe for high-temperature cooking like baking, roasting, slow-cooking, etc.The dairy oil is keto and Paleo diet-friendly. If you want to buy Milkio grass fed ghee, you may place order at Milkio E-commerce.

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