Recipes using ghee you can try at your home for great taste

  • August 7, 2021
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Recipes using ghee

Recipes using ghee are in demand more than ever after people have realized the greatness of ghee. Ghee is a versatile cooking fat that can be used in several ways. In your favorite recipe, you can substitute ghee for butter or oil. When compared to butter or oil, it adds flavor to your dish while using less. The ghee taste is nutty and rich, with a unique flavor taking your taste buds for a dance.


Why use ghee for cooking?

Ghee is better in taste and aroma than butter or other cooking oils and brings nutrition and health benefits to the table. Ghee contains short-chain fatty acids called butyrate, which are believed to encourage stable bacterial growth in the intestines. It boosts the taste of your food, which is why it is called a natural taste enhancer. 




The spirit of dairying in New Zealand is the spirit of ingenuity. From our milk we create more than 1500 products and product specifications, and thanks to generations of adventurous and creative dairy people, these products can be found in all corners of the planet.

Our inventiveness has led to the creation of products, such as whey protein for specialised nutrition needs, that support the wellbeing of consumers.

Source: NZ story.



Global Innovation


Recipes using ghee you can try-


Ghee rice

Put a bowl of rice after washing it in a container with water to get soaked.

  1. Pour almost two teaspoons of ghee in a pan and add the cinnamon, green cardamom, garlic, carrot, peas, and black pepper after it starts cracking. 
  2. Now, add the cashew nuts and keep frying them until they’re finely browned. 
  3. Now add finely chopped onion and also fry them until they are brown.
  4. Now drain the rice and add it to the pan with green chilies and salt, and water.
  5. Seal the pan and cook for a while until the moisture is soaked and rice is cooked. 


Bullet coffee with ghee

  1. In a pot, take the milk to a boil.
  2. Combine cocoa powder, maple syrup or sugar, ghee, and sea salt in a mixing bowl. Stir all together thoroughly.
  3. Take the pot from the heat and whisk until the mixture is smooth.
  4. If you want it smooth and foamy, pour the mixture into a blender and whip it for 30 at least seconds.
  5. Now is the time to consume hot chocolate.

Ghee can also be used as a better replacement for vegetables or cooking oil to prepare your daily meals. These are recipes with ghee you can quickly try at your home for unparalleled taste and health benefits. 

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