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Reasons to Add Ghee to your coffee

  • August 16, 2021
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Add ghee to your coffee to get weight loss support, stamina boosting, and colon care in one go. 

Organic Ghee grass-fed is added to coffee, and you may have noticed that quite often. Yes, and the obvious question that comes to your mind is why add such clarified butter instead of some more milk or sugar. There are obvious reasons.

The amazing part is that you may have noticed that people who are on a Keto diet is also adding such to the coffee they are having. Let us look at some of the reasons for such an addition.

Add ghee to your coffee: Too busy to have breakfast

Our fast life has made us such that we sometimes have no time for breakfast. Some feel nauseous when they try to have breakfast quickly so they are not late to work.

It turns out that we have to practice starving before having lunch, as when we feel hungry, we cannot make time to have a normal breakfast.

Add ghee to your coffee: How does it help?

The best possible way is to add organic Ghee grass fed to the coffee that we have. The only thing that you need to take care of is that you have the ghee from manufacturers who honestly use milk of grass-fed cows to make the clarified butter.

Two things happen when coffee is added with the best grass-fed organic ghee. The happenings are:

  • You do not load your stomach with heavy food, but you have the necessary calories to cope with your morning job until you have lunch.
  • As you have the energy derived from fat, you do not suffer from rebound hypoglycemia.

Ghee In Coffee
Reasons to Add Ghee to your coffee 1

Add ghee to your coffee: Always having a desire to eat

You may be the type of person who always feels the urge to eat something irrespective of the heavy breakfast that you had. No, nothing is disappointing, and it is not your fault. It is the fast metabolic rates of yours that make such happen.

So, instead of having snacks, add coffee with organic Ghee grass-fed. As the fat in the ghee stabilizes the blood sugar level, having coffee added to it is the best option for having a more satiating breakfast.

Ghee Coffee
Reasons to Add Ghee to your coffee 2

Add ghee to your coffee:  enjoy the Best relief from constipation

If you have a problem passing your bowel, then you may have heard many pieces of advice but never heard to have ghee. You may have had lots of fiber and water, but that did not help you to have relief from constipation.

On the other hand, if you have coffee along with grass-fed ghee, then it is for sure you will have relief. What happens is that the bile secreted helps in the normal movement of the food down the GI tract and helps in the contraction of the intestine.

These help you pass your bowel without any problem, which is one of the best help you can offer yourself: you must add ghee to your coffee.  

Best way to lose weight

Yes, you read it right. Adding coffee with organic Ghee grass-fed is the best way to lose weight. It is seen in the morning that our metabolism is not activated such that it can digest carbohydrates easily. It likes to have energy from fat. Yes, you got it right; that is the basic principle of ketosis. So, if you desire to lose weight, have such coffee and let your body burn the extra fat for energy.

Perfect way to have antioxidants

It is seen that coffee is packed with healthy antioxidants. When you add milk to coffee, you do not have all the benefits of such antioxidants, as the milk protein traps about 28%. Instead, adding grass-fed ghee to your diet does not interfere with absorbing the antioxidants. It practically helps in the absorption of the fat-soluble antioxidants.

So, have coffee mixed with ghee made from pure milk of grass-fed cows and have the above benefits?

How to add ghee to your coffee?

If you want to add ghee to your coffee, it is an easy process and a popular keto weight-loss recipe, especially among those following ketogenic or paleo diets. It creates a creamy and frothy beverage while providing a source of healthy fats for sustained energy. Here’s how to do it:


  • Freshly brewed coffee (about 8-12 oz)
  • 1-2 teaspoons of ghee
  • Optional: 1-2 teaspoons of MCT oil or coconut oil (for an extra energy boost)
  • Optional: Sweeteners or flavorings like honey, cinnamon, or vanilla extract (to taste)


  1. Brew Your Coffee: Start by brewing a cup of your favorite coffee. Make it as you usually would, using your preferred brewing method.
  2. Add Ghee: While the coffee is still hot, add 1-2 teaspoons of ghee to the coffee. The warmth of the coffee will melt the ghee.
  3. Optional: Add MCT Oil or Coconut Oil: If you want an additional energy boost and creaminess, add 1-2 teaspoons of MCT oil or coconut oil to the coffee. These oils are often used with ghee in “bulletproof” coffee recipes.
  4. Blend Thoroughly: To ensure that the ghee and any added oils are well-emulsified into the coffee, use a blender or an immersion blender. Blend for 20-30 seconds until the coffee becomes creamy and frothy.
  5. Optional: Sweeten and Flavor: If desired, add sweeteners or flavorings like honey, cinnamon, or vanilla extract to taste. Remember that these additions will impact your coffee’s overall flavor and nutritional content.
  6. Serve Hot: Pour your freshly blended ghee coffee into a mug and enjoy it while it’s still hot.
  7. Experiment: Adjust the amount of ghee, MCT oil, and sweeteners to suit your taste preferences. Some people prefer a stronger ghee flavor, while others like it milder.

Remember that ghee is calorie-dense, so be mindful of your coffee’s portion size and overall calorie content, especially if you are using it as part of a specific dietary plan. Enjoy your creamy and nourishing ghee coffee as a satisfying morning beverage or an afternoon pick-me-up.

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Milkio Foods, the Halal Ghee Manufacturer & the Arabian Ghee Wholesale supplier for the Middle East, will attend the global Private Label Middle East trade show from 24th to 26th September 2024! Contact for Business enquiry.

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