Where to find ghee with good quality and authenticity

  • August 11, 2021
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where to find ghee

Ghee is usually used near the cooking oils or shortening in the baking area. Furthermore, if your supermarket has an ethnic food shop, it is often found there. On the other hand,

Ghee is a common cooking ingredient and can be found in that section of certain shops; you don’t need to wonder where to find ghee.

Some brands sell their products as ghee, but they aren’t made from the dairy at all. If you don’t know what to look for, you might be duped. It would be a shame to buy the wrong ghee and be fooled because you could get a bad idea of this incredible food if you don’t know. It’s worth your time and effort to find a decent supply of ghee. There are three things to keep in mind when purchasing ghee of the highest quality:


  • Fake quality of Ghee

Vanaspati ghee, or vegetable ghee, accounts for a large portion of today’s ghee production. Since it isn’t made from honey, this isn’t healthy ghee. Entirely or partly hydrogenated vegetable oil is used to produce this synthetic ghee. This is why you should be careful about where to find ghee.


  • Ghee made from buffalo milk

If you’re serious about getting the real deal, make sure you have high-quality ghee made from cow’s milk. Around half of India’s milk is provided by buffalos. Buffalo milk has almost twice the butterfat content of cow’s milk, but doctors claim it lacks the purifying and soothing properties of cow’s milk.


  • Spiced Ghee

Ghee’s ingredients can be deceiving, so read the label carefully. Turmeric was one of the spices that contributed to the ghee’s vivid yellow color. Ghee with spices seems to be a new fad. The trouble with spiced ghee is that it will change the flavor you want to achieve in your dish.


If you are thinking about where to find ghee, Milkio is the best option for you. In New Zealand, Milkio is a leading ghee producer and exporter. Milkio ghee is USDA-approved and free of chemical taste, color, and preservatives. You can get it both online and in a physical store. FIANZ has issued Halal Certification to Milkio ghee. Rich in healthy fats, it maintains a high MCT content and more vitamins and CLA.

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