Is ghee good for weight loss: Can you have it while on a diet?

  • August 7, 2021
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Is ghee good for weight loss

If you are switching to a low-fat diet, you might be wondering, “Is ghee good for weight loss?” Ghee is one of the first food items that one can try to skip from their diet while intending to lose weight. However, it is a common misconception that ghee results in weight gain due to its high-fat content. Instead, ghee helps individuals lose weight, besides offering other benefits, provided it is taken in moderation. Ghee almost entirely consists of fats, along with a little water content.  

How does ghee help with weight loss?

It may seem baffling that an item with such high fat content should be a part of a weight loss diet. Here are a few ways in which ghee helps in losing weight.

  • The Omega acids present in ghee cause the fat cells to shrink in size. 
  • Ghee stimulates the body to generate energy by burning the excess fat cells, thus getting rid of them. 
  • Individuals trying to get their body into a good shape benefit from ghee consumption as the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids reduce the fat levels in the body. 
  • The condition of the thyroid is critical to weight loss. Ghee keeps it in a healthy state by enhancing the assimilation of vitamin D. 

These should answer your queries regarding “Why is ghee good for weight loss?”.  

Why must ghee be a part of your diet?

Apart from weight loss, ghee also presents a number of other health benefits. All these perks make it an important part of healthy diets. 

    • Digestion: Unlike most cooking oils that slow down the digestive process, ghee stimulates it and thus ensures quicker digestion.  
    • Moisturization: Ghee moisturizes your body, removes skin dryness and lubricates the joints in the body. This is why many individuals consume ghee with hot water early in the morning. 
  • Anti-inflammation: Butyrate, a fatty acid present in ghee, is effective in treating inflammation and burns. 
  • Nutrition: While ghee is rich in fats, these are mostly good fats with excellent nutritional value. Consuming ghee supposedly can help you to ensure some protection from a number of disorders like cancer, heart attack and arthritis. 


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 is ghee good for weight loss

Thus, not only is ghee good for weight loss, but its other benefits make it worth adding to your diet. Leading brands like Milkio offer high-quality ghee that you may check out on Milkio.

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