Is butter keto

Butter is perhaps a favorite ingredient for cooking and baking. It has been used for years to make toasts, cookies, popcorn, and so on. On the other hand, the keto diet is also a famous diet among youth for losing weight, getting clearer skin, and reduce inflammation from the body. But do the combination of both is worth it?

That is, is butter keto friendly? Today let’s analyze the complete truth about it. 


Is butter keto-friendly?


The answer to this question is a big NO. Yes, it would help if you avoided butter in every way during your keto diet plan. Butter is a whole pack of fats that can spoil your keto diet goals in one stroke; specifically, if you aim to lose weight and reduce your belly line, practicing the keto diet.


Why is butter not good for the keto diet?

Butter, all the butter is a dairy product. That’s the reason why it will share some similar problems as fueled by other dairy products. It would have calories, lots of calories, and irrelevant sugars. Here are some particular reasons justifying the incompetence of butter for a ketogenic diet –


  1. Butter is one of the homogenized and pasteurized dairy products. These sorts of products are more challenging to digest. Homogenization and pasteurization make it challenging to break down the essential proteins and sugars. That’s why dairy products like butter must be strictly avoided in dietary plans like keto.


  1. Butter, due to its buttery taste, is always likely to be overeaten. Often, you take a slice of butter, considering that it would be the last, but the loop keeps on repeating itself. You end up eating more than required which may shatter your dietary goals in a minute.


  1. Butter contains lactose and casein, making it a highly toxic ingredient used by folks who are tolerant to these. The milk solids present in butter are a rich source of lactose and casein.


If not butter, then what can be a better option?

Know that you have the answer to the question that “is butter keto-friendly or not? You must have heard about ghee, also known as clarified butter. Ghee can be a better alternative out than butter if you are on a keto diet. Ghee is packed with good fats and nutrients you can consume during a keto diet. Also, it is suitable for lactose and casein-tolerant people. It is good for metabolism, and if you’re on regular exercise, then having ghee is undoubtedly going to help you reduce your weight.


So now, you know which ingredient is suitable for your keto diet and why. Now go and rock your keto.

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