Cow ghee home remedies: good to know for your health

  • September 7, 2021
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Cow ghee home remedies: amazing DIY home remedies with pure ghee

Cow ghee home remedies are gift of nature. Ghee is an excellent culinary ingredient and offers excellent health benefits if consumed in moderation. But do you know pure ghee has lots of medicinal qualities and can be used in different home remedies?

Check here 8 amazing but simple home remedies with pure ghee that will help you to fight health crisis.

  • Get rid of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Regular intake of one teaspoon pure cow ghee at bedtime with 2 teaspoons of milk is an excellent natural remedy for regular bowel movement. Patients of chronic IBS and constipation can try this remedy. Carrying ladies suffering from chronic issue of irregular boil movement may try one of this cow ghee home remedies for natural relief.

  • Ghee to stop nosebleed

One of the most useful cow ghee home remedies is its use for controlling nosebleed. Even in severe nosebleed this ghee home remedy will work as an instant relief provider.

Melt ghee and pour 1-2 drops of liquid ghee in each nostril. Put two cotton swabs in each nostril. It will stop the nose bleed almost immediately. Once the bleeding gets stopped, call a doctor for further treatment.

  • Soothes the irritation of skin rash

If you have severe skin rash, you can smear pure cow milk procured ghee on it. It is one of the unique skin friendly cow ghee home remedies for all skin types.

It will soothe your skin irritation with almost immediate effect. Allergies, hives, dermatitis, dry eczema etc. may induce severe body rash; with the help of ghee, these body rashes and their itching irritation can be controlled.

  • An antidote for dry eye syndrome

If you have dry eye syndrome, you can add two drops of pure ghee in lukewarm state in your eyes before you go to bed. One of the best cow ghee home remedies was used in ancient India as an effective Ayurvedic treatment for enhancing the hydration level of dry eyes.  However, it is extremely important to use pure ghee only for getting the desired effect.

  • Pure ghee for improving eye vision

In ancient ages, Ayurvedic physicians used to recommend one of the most efficient home remedies with pure ghee for improving eye power. They prescribe patients to stare at a ghee flame from 2-3 feet distance at a stretch for 1 min without blinking. It is said that starting at ghee flame is beneficial for improvement of eye power.

Make a mix with 2 teaspoon pure ghee, honey, and sandalwood paste and smear it on face and neck region. Allow the mix to set on your skin for 10 minutes and wash off with cold water. Do not put any moisturizer for next 5-6 hours in winter. The ghee beauty-pack will work as a wonderful anti-aging cream treatment for your skin.

This is one of cow ghee home remedies that is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin also. If you have oily skin instead of using honey, use lemon juice.

  • Infertility remedy by ghee

Sometime infertility problem arises due to inadequate sperm count of the male partner in a couple. Consumption of pure ghee in diet may help in improving the situation. Besides treatment of infertility you can practice having 1-2 teaspoon ghee raw in your diet.

However, excessive ghee intake may induce obesity, so do not forget to exercise at daily course. This is one of the easiest cow ghee home remedies, which is supported by Ayurvedic treatment process.

Regular consumption of ghee helps in different ways for leading a balanced life. Some of the reasons for using ghee everyday are:

  • Pure ghee improves memory power, concentration, and increases energy level and thus improves vitality.
  • Regular intake of pure cow ghee helps in reducing stress and increases stamina level.
  • For depression management, inhale the aroma of pure ghee. You will enjoy a feel-good mood almost instantly.

These are some of the amazing home remedies with pure ghee. However, you have to use pure ghee to enjoy best medicinal benefits. Try all these home remedies with Pure Ghee from Milkio which is produced from pure grass fed cow milk and without adding any additives of synthetic flavor.

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