Ghee care: 4 ways ghee can shower its benefits for hair health

  • July 5, 2021
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Ghee care: a homely way to pamper your hair

Grass Fed Ghee has plenty of potential for cooking and baking: it is a healthy staple in kitchen. But do you know it can be used as your hair care product?

To know more, read here and start finding the best cow ghee available in market. Best hair care is done by pure cow ghee only.

Ghee care
Ghee care

Everybody is not blessed as Rapunzel with voluminous beautiful hair, but pampering your hair with daily balanced hair care can help you to maintain then in a beautiful way. Check here and know the easy but masterly ways you can try to boost your hair health with ghee care.

Grass fed ghee works as natural conditioner for your hair

Grass fed cow ghee is full of antioxidants and good fatty acids. On application on hair strands, ghee gets quickly absorbed in scalp and reduces unwanted dryness and manages frizzy texture of hair.

Simply mix pure cow ghee and coconut oil and massage on hair gently. Allow the ghee to sit on scalp for 45 min-1 hour. Wash off your hair with mild shampoo.  Not only the remedy conditions your hair, it improves hair quality abruptly.

Prevents dry scalp dandruff, and stimulates hair growth

Very often dandruff is caused by dryness of sebaceous gland when the gland produces little amount of natural oil. As a result the scalp becomes flaky, itchy, and unusually dry. Restricted amount of ghee consumption helps in oil balance in body; however, external massage really brings a wonder for your hair maintenance.

Simply smear lukewarm ghee on your hair scalp and allow the ghee to stray there overnight. For better effect add fresh lemon juice into it and repeat the ghee remedy at least 2-3 times in a week.  It will help you in reducing your dandruff issue and thee treatment will not make your scalp/hair dry and lifeless.

Spilt ends repair

Hair split ends is like a nightmare for proud hair owners. But there is no possible remedy for curing split ends unless you use ghee remedies. It is easy to use. Simply massage ghee like hair oil on your scalp. Keep it on hair scalp for overnight. It is assumed that the vitamin content of pure cow ghee nourishes hair scalp and keeps hair length less break prone and damaged.

Ghee care
Ghee care

Ghee care remedy works fantastic if the hair split ends are due to frequent chemical hair treatment.  

Nourishes color treated hair

Pure cow ghee massage on hair helps in restoring its natural bounce and shine. Simple ghee massage will help to enjoy all benefits of keeping your hair, soft, silky, and bouncing. The unwanted dryness caused by chemical color treatment of hair can be grossly reduced by using this ghee care remedy by self help method.

Hair care by grass fed ghee is simple to manage and it brings quick result if you use pure cow ghee. For best quality cow ghee, use Milkio ghee.

Prepared from 100% grass fed cow milk, this all natural color and preservative free ghee will do wonder for your hair care.

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