Eating ghee: What makes it a multipurpose dairy staple

  • July 8, 2021
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Eating ghee in moderation can help you in many ways. 

Eating ghee in cooking is a unique way to enhance the taste, but at the same time, it is a natural way to add more health benefits to your foods and beverages.

Loads of fats, the support of antioxidants,  heart-friendly vitamins, and fatty acids are the reasons behind the ghee benefits. Only premium quality grass-fed ghee can offer you the best benefits. While eating ghee, portion control and quality awareness can bring the best advantage for you.

Eating ghee: How cooking with ghee is advantageous?

Ghee as cooking oil is a versatile one. You can use this clarified butter in baking, sautéing, or deep-frying and seasoning. You can eat ghee butter for the slow cooking process too. The high smoking point of ghee stands responsible for this versatility.

In comparison to butter or other cooking oils, organic cow ghee offers a higher smoke point of 250 °C (482 °F), which is much higher than butter or other cooking oils (200 °C (392 °F). The higher smoking point of ghee makes it a safer cooking oil.

Ghee can be consumed raw.
Ghee is known as brown butter, also. Like dairy butter, ghee can be used raw in food. For example, you can use ghee as a salad seasoning or a spread on morning toast.
Ghee’s fat content supplies the consumer’s energy and works as a filler food for dieters. If you are following a ketogenic diet, ghee can greatly help you. Clarified butter (ghee) controls hunger pang to control calorie intake.

It works as a weight-reducing dairy product.

Grass-fed organic ghee contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and CLA; these fatty acids help shed extra body weight. Cooking with or eating ghee in your diet is extremely helpful for obesity management if you couple your ghee diet with an active lifestyle.
Moderate ghee in your diet can help you stay revitalized for a long time. Exercise and a ghee diet reciprocate each other that resulting in great weight management.

Eating ghee is suitable for the anti-aging treatment of skin and hair

Ghee in the diet is good for maintaining lustrous skin and hair. Fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, and E are present in cow ghee, and restricted use in cooking supplies all these nutrients in the health system.

The ghee diet can help in reviving skin health. Its moisturizing quality and power of natural hydration offer excellent hydrating benefits. Besides skin health,  eating ghee revitalizes hair and scalp and positively promotes hair health.

Eating Ghee
eating ghee

A natural remedy for constipation

Brown butter contains butyrate, a well-known remedy to control the irritation of constipation. Adding ghee to your food can fight the irritation of constipation. Whole ghee in the diet helps in maintaining a healthy colon. Not only constipation but patients with IBS will also feel relaxed with a ghee diet. Cow ghee pacifies the colon and provides physical and emotional stability.

We call a food or food ingredient multipurpose when that product helps us stay fit differently Eating ghee may turn health-friendly if you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Starting from morning tea, you can include ghee in your diet at bedtime with milk or a glassful of warm water. How much ghee you can consume daily depends on your age, general health, lifestyle, etc. Eating ghee is a good habit, but maintaining moderation while having ghee in the diet is a prerequisite.

Other Benefits of Eating Ghee

Research and study have proven that eating ghee in moderation is a easy way to add some health benefits in your favor.

  • Ghee contains vitamin A and E. If you have moderate ghee in your diet, it will help you to take natural care of your eyes, brain, and bones.
  • Ghee is a natural immunity booster. The nutrients in ghee are responsible for ghee’s immunity boosting benefit.
  • Grass-fed ghee is digestion-friendly.  If you add moderate amount of ghee in your diet it helps you to ensure  control on acidity, bloating, etc., digestive discomfort naturally.
  • Ghee is a lactose-free dairy, which is apt for adding to lactose-free diet and in dairy sensitive diets.

How to use ghee in the diet?

Eating ghee is indeed beneficial but you need to know the process of eating ghee. You can try ghee in the following ways:

  • Cooking Medium: Use ghee as a healthy alternative to cooking oils. Its high smoke point makes it suitable for cooking methods like sautéing, frying, and deep-frying without producing harmful free radicals.
  • Flavor Enhancement: Incorporate ghee for its rich, nutty flavor in savory and sweet dishes. It adds depth to the taste and can be used instead of butter or oil in recipes, enhancing the overall culinary experience.
  • Coffee or Tea Boost: Stir a teaspoon of ghee into your morning coffee or tea for a creamy and satisfying beverage. Ghee in coffee can provide a source of healthy fats, helping to keep you satiated throughout the day.
  • Dressings and Sauces: Create flavorful dressings and sauces by blending ghee with herbs, spices, or citrus. You can drizzle ghee over salads or use it as a dipping sauce for a nutritious and tasty meal addition.
  • Ayurvedic Benefits: According to Ayurvedic principles, ghee is a sattvic food promoting balance and harmony. You may incorporate it into your diet for premium health benefits, such as improved digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Popcorn Topping: Upgrade your popcorn by melting ghee and drizzling it over freshly popped corn. You can sprinkle some salt or your favorite seasonings for a delicious and wholesome ghee-made snack.
  • Baking Substitute: Replace butter or oils with ghee in baking recipes for a healthier alternative. Ghee’s distinct flavor can enhance the taste of baked goods, and its richness can contribute to moist and flavorful results.

However, eating ghee is no more a food luxury: it is a healthy superfood in your diet if you want to stay fit and fine.

Besides asking your physician for permission for ghee in your diet, always use the best quality and grass-fed cow ghee like Milkio grass-fed cow ghee to enjoy the best possible ghee benefits.

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