Can you put ghee on bread? Why ghee is a better butter?

  • March 23, 2022
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Can you put ghee on bread? We all know ghee is healthy butter alternative. But why ghee is a better butter, when both are milk made and ghee is cooked from butter only?

Can you put ghee on bread? The answer is yes because ghee clarified butter is a healthy butter alternative, if we compare ghee and butter with each other, we will find some advantages in the account of ghee, which you cannot get from using butter in your diet plan.

Can you put ghee on bread? You can use ghee on bread in all bread-butter recipes, for making sandwiches, and for baking crunchy bread toasts. Broadly speaking, ghee is a healthy replacement for ghee in almost all butter recipes, no matter you are talking about spicy dishes or desserts.

People can easily use ghee on their toast. In fact, it is a healthy way to plan your breakfast because ghee is rich in energy. It is rich in nutty flavor and ghee offers lots of calories to keep you full for a longer time span. Now when you have got the answer to your question, can you put ghee on bread, let’s check why ghee is a better option for using on the bread.

can you put ghee on bread

Can you put ghee on bread? 4 causes ghee is a better butter?

Ghee offers some unique advantages over butter. These are narrated here.

  • Butter contains lactose and cases, whereas ghee is lactose and casein-free dairy. As a result, butter may invoke dairy allergy but ghee is dairy allergy safe.
  • Ghee is a versatile dairy that you can use as a butter replacement.  Now if you are wondering can you put ghee on bread, the answer is yes.  The aroma of ghee is more flavorful and fulfilling in its feel-good effect.
  • Ghee is storage-friendly.  But you cannot store butter in the kitchen without freezing support.
  • Butter contains transfat but ghee does not contain harmful trans fat, which is a definite plus for using ghee.

Apart from these 4 reasons, ghee has another premium advantage over butter. Ghee offers a higher smoke point than butter. The feature makes ghee a safer oil for baking recipes or high-temperature recipes.  For all these 4 reasons you can always prefer ghee over butter.

Summing up:

If you are asked that can you put ghee on bread instead of butter, you can select ghee without worry. Always remember ghee is a better butter, however, you have to buy ghee of the best grass-fed quality like Milkio Grass-fed ghee.

The best part of using ghee instead of butter is its adaptability. You can use ghee instead of butter in almost all butter recipes but hardly you can replace ghee with butter for the above-mentioned ghee advantages.

Can you put ghee on bread?
Can you put ghee on bread?
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