can i substitute oil for butter in baking?

  • August 11, 2021
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can I substitute oil for butter in baking?

Have you ever faced a question, “can I substitute oil for butter in baking?” The answer is a big yes.It will not only enhance the texture but will also improve the taste of your baked meals. So, the first point is why even you must substitute butter? Why butter is used in baking? So let’s explore the answer to these questions ahead in this article.

can i substitute oil for butter in baking

Why we use butter in baking?

Butter, as well as oil, are used to supply moisture to the meals. It also helps in preventing food or batter from sticking to the pan or the utensil. Plus, it delivers good taste and texture to baked foods.


What can be the substitutes for butter in baking?

Can I substitute oil for butter in baking? Now, as you know the answer to this question, let’s see the options. Butter indeed serves to bake, but there can be better substitutes to butter in the making. This substitute may help vegans to make a choice which needs to avoid butter in their diets. So below, there is some substitute oil you can swap with butter while baking.


  1. Coconut oil – it has similar properties to butter. It is a successful replacement for butter, and you can use an equal amount of it, just as butter in your recipes. However, this leads to a minor difference in the taste of the finished product. So use it keeping that in mind.


  1. Olive oil Use three parts of a cup of olive oil to replace one cup of butter in your recipes. Do keep in mind that olive oil holds a strong flavor. It’s best suited for savory bread, biscuits, and cookies. Although, this substitute tastes good.


  1. Ghee oil Ghee is a 100% pure form of butter. It is also called clarified butter, as it’s prepared by clarifying the ordinary butter. Ghee oil is called ghee. It serves as the best substitute for butter in baking. Its nutrition, texture, and properties are very much similar to butter. It enhances the taste of your baking foods. Also, it has significant health benefits over butter. You can use an equal amount of ghee like butter in your baking recipes or keep the batter sticking to the pan.


Can I substitute oil for butter in baking? Yes, and ghee oil or simple ghee is the best substitute. Its nutty and profound taste will mesmerize your taste buds and give your foods a good texture.

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