How to make organic ghee at home: dairy making DIY small scale

  • June 26, 2021
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Grass fed ghee is just about an impeccable food – rich, exquisite, and remarkable

Different types of ghee are available in market and all brands claim their superiority about the health benefits the ghee offers for the consumers. However, modern dieticians often prefer grass fed ghee over all other variants. However, this is not any whimsical choice because grass fed cow ghee is found as the best quality cow ghee procured that not only tastes good, it is beneficial for your health in multifaceted ways.

It is nutritious

In comparison to any so-called lean cooking oil, cow ghee is smarter in terms of its nutrients. Grass fed cow ghee contains loads of vitamins, antioxidants, short chain fatty acids, and health friendly butyric acid, etc. Ghee made from grass fed butter of pastured cow milk is one of the main natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), 9 types of phenolic anti-oxidants, and many other health -friendly minerals, which are good for health.

Due to its potent ingredients, if consumed in moderate quantity, ghee helps in enjoying varieties of benefits like good energy supply, healthy bowel movement, better cardio health, etc.

It has high smoking points

In comparison to low smoking point of average cooking oils, grass fed ghee offers higher smoking point and it means you can deep fry with ghee without the risk of producing free radicals due to breaking of saturated fats in it. On the other hand, cooking oils get broken due to their lower smoking point and during deep frying tend to produce harmful free radicals.

Free of lactose allergy

Grass fed ghee, despite being a dairy product, is free form the risk of tempting lactose allergy for the people who are severely lactose intolerant because grass fed ghee is produced without the least trace of casein in it. Good quality cow ghee is found without preservative and additive and that is again makes it free from all sorts of food intolerance problems when consumed in moderation.

It is a natural moisturizer

Regular and moderate consumption of cow ghee helps in maintaining natural hydration of body internally. As the result of good quality ghee intake internal inflammation of body tissues and unusual dryness of body organs, linings remain soft and hydrated and good calorie of cow ghee keeps stamina level better than any other cooking oil.

Ghee enhances concentration power

It is proven in Asian countries since historic ages that regular consumption of ghee in diet helps in boosting concentration power, ability to grasp new lessons faster than before, and boosting of usual memory power, etc., which helps students in scoring high in their exam and they get to accomplish good result actually. Offering ghee in daily diet was an old ayurvedic custom for students, in modern age it is applicable for who does brain work.

Ghee helps in weight loss

Grass fed ghee works as a filler food and takes time to get completely digested.  Being a moderate calorie enabled product, when ghee is consumed with other foods it tends to control hunger pang. As consumption of ghee supports conscious calorie intake control, it helps in weight loss programs.

Other benefits of having grass fed ghee

There are some more health benefits of having grass fed cow ghee. These are:

  • Increases fertility and hormone balance
  • Gives a nice shiny appearance of the skin if given external massage in addition to internal take
  • Can increase flexibility of muscle due to its lubricating power
  • Wonderful for pregnancy and postnatal health and vitality

It is always wise to go for the best quality cow ghee, which is produced from the best milk quality.

Milkio traditional grass fed cow ghee is procured from healthy grass fed cow milk and that is why this grass fed ghee offers wide varieties of heal benefits aforementioned.

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