Cooking butter for making ghee: what makes the best ghee

  • April 19, 2022
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Cooking butter is the first condition of making ghee. But what kind of butter is the best ingredient for quality ghee production?  before buying ghee, you should know the best quality butter used for making premium quality ghee.

Cooking butter is important. But what’s the best butter?

Cooking butter for making ghee is the basic rule. It’s rightly said that what you use in cooking, reflects in your food quality.   Hence, if you want to make the best quality ghee, you have to use the best quality butter. So, the important question is, what is the best butter?

According to dairy standards, grass-fed butter is considered the best quality ghee raw material. This high-quality ingredient is used for making grass-fed quality ghee and grass-fed ghee contains more nutrients than non-grass-fed ghee variants. Thus, what is grass-fed butter?

Cooking butter is the first rule of ghee making: why grass-fed butter matters?

Grass-fed butter is produced from the ruminates’ milk, which is mainly groomed on grass feeding.  Grass-fed cattle are allowed to roam in the open pasture and they are given mainly the grass feed to nourish. As a result, grass-fed cows produce grass-fed quality milk, which is more nutritious than non-grass-fed-variety milk.

According to dairy study, grass-fed milk contains more beta carotene than the non-grass-fed variety and shows yellowish color.  Grass-fed butter, which is produced from grass-fed milk, contains more nutrients than non-grass-fed butter.  

At the time to cooking butter, grass-fed butter is the better option. For making grass-fed quality ghee, grass-fed butter is used.


Cooking butter: 4 best tips for quality ghee production

Cooking butter is the main action behind ghee making. You need to maintain a few restrictions while boiling butter.

  • Boiling butter is a slow cooking process.  You always should keep the flame in low medium condition.
  • Let the butter melt. You have to stir the melted butter constantly, otherwise, the butter may get burned.
  • While butter gets boiled, you will observe the recurrence of foam on the butter’s boiling surface. You need to remove the foam gently.
  • Do not stir the ghee residue deposited at the bottom of the pan.  It may hamper the taste of the ghee produced.

 Summing up:

Cooking butter for making ghee is an elaborate and time-consuming process.  However, if you find the process tedious, you may buy good-quality ghee readymade. Always go for grass-fed ghee like Milkio grass-fed ghee products.

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