Milk and ghee: the super combo formula for wellness benefits

  • August 17, 2021
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Milk and ghee is a great combo for diet planning

Milk and ghee mix for health care remedies is an age-old recommendation of Ayurvedic treatment, which can offer you many wellness benefits. It is easy to collect both the ingredients and both the food products are nutritionally potent. But you should know how the mix can offer you some of the best health benefits.

Milk and ghee blend remedies are soothing and full of nutritional advantages. However, it is not suitable for lactose intolerant. Although ghee is lactose and casein-free dairy, pure milk contains lactose and casein. It may initiate dairy allergy problems in lactose intolerants.

People who are not dairy sensitive may expect the following health benefits by using milk with ghee blending.

Improves digestion power of the human body 

If consumed together, milk and ghee can boost your digestive power. Both ghee and milk mix stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. The enzymes in the digestive juice break down the good we intake, resulting in faster digestion.

Ghee and milk mix reduced acid influx, the irritation of bloating, and flatulence. The high calorie of ghee and nutritional power of milk promotes improved metabolism.

Ghee and milk mix relieves the irritation of constipation

If you take milk and ghee mix, it offers natural support of laxatives for your intestine, which regularizes bowel movement. This is a natural remedy for chronic constipation patients. The butyrate content of ghee is a real-life savior for keeping the healthy system detoxified.  

It relieves joint pain. 

Consuming milk and ghee at night is relaxing for the patients suffering from joint pain. Ghee improves the calcium absorption power of the body, and that makes bone health better. The lubricating power of ghee is a boon for bone joints, as says Ayurveda. The milk powder with calcium support is an added benefit of the mix for bone health.

The mix increases stamina level.

Milk is nutrition-rich, and grass-fed ghee also contains several nutrients. Milk and ghee nutrients and high ghee calories work as a stamina booster for the milk and ghee eaters.

If you serve yourself this nutritious drink daily, it can provide you with loads of energy.

Ghee and milk is an antidote for insomnia.

A sedentary lifestyle and irregular sleeping time are some of the reasons behind insomnia in the present day. Instead of taking sleeping pills, ghee and milk can help the situation.

Natural medicine is simple. You can take lukewarm milk treated with one teaspoon of ghee at bedtime. The mix helps you sleep tight at night. It helps to flush toxins out of the body and keeps the system detoxified.

Ghee and milk are good for skin and hair.

Both ghee and milk are natural moisturizers, and both are friendly for skin and hair. The nutrients in ghee and milk supply nutrition for hair and skin and offer benefits like

  • Stops hair fall
  • Reduces the tendency of greying hair
  • Restores shine
  • Keeps skin silky and lustrous
  • Delays formation of fine lines and wrinkles and fine lines
  • Promotes bright skin

Both milk and ghee skin can lock moisture on their skin, resulting in visible improvement in the hair look and skin contour.  

Improves libido

Ghee and milk mix are superbly aphrodisiac. In Ayurvedic treatment, it was used to improve the libido of both men and women. Both ghee and ghee increase stamina, and it helps in maintaining the moisture level in the body. Ghee and milk mix helps increase the 5 (five) senses in the human body, which improves the response system.

Milk and ghee in the morning

Having milk and ghee mix in the morning on an empty stomach is a natural remedy for several health benefits. Some of these advantages are:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improvises brainpower
  • It helps in lowering harmful LDL cholesterol
  • The ghee and milk combo support bone joint lubrication.
  • Keep heart health at par.
  • Improves digestion and

The benefits of ghee and milk mix can help in different ways. However, you have to use pure cow milk and pure grass-fed ghee for ghee and milk mix.

If you want to use ghee nutrition in its full strength, Milkio grass-fed ghee of New Zealand is one of the best options for you.

Why New Zealand?

The spirit of dairying in New Zealand is the spirit of ingenuity. From our milk, we create more than 1500 products and product specifications. Thanks to generations of adventurous and creative dairy people, these products can be found in all corners of the planet. Our inventiveness has led to the creation of products, such as whey protein, for specialized nutrition needs that support consumers’ wellbeing.

ghee export

The New Zealand dairy industry has a long history as a trusted supplier of safe and sustainable dairy products, exporting for more than 170 years and to more than 130 different markets. We are known for our commitment to a strong global food system, open and free trade, and efficient supply chains to ensure everyone has access to safe, affordable food.”

Source: NZ story

About Milkio Grass-fed ghee:

Manufactured by Milkio Foods Limited, New Ireland, Milkio grass-fed ghee adhered to all the premium ghee qualities. Milkio grass-fed organic ghee offers the following credibility:

milk and ghee
milk and ghee
  •  A 100% natural product without any artificial color, flavor, or chemical preservative, and Milkio Ghee’s purity is certified by the USDA.
  •  It is an organic and non-GMO certified product by BioGro, New Zealand.
  •  The ghee from Milkio Foods is Halal and Kosher certified product.
  •  Milkio grass-fed ghee is milk solids like lactose, casein, gluten, sugar, and carb-free dairy.
  • You can store Milkio Ghee for 18 months (from the manufacturing date) in your kitchen under room temperature.
  • Milkio ghee is a safe cooking oil for its high smoking point, which is 485 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Milkio ghee offers a nutty aroma, semi-solid texture, and golden yellow color. 

Now, Milkio grass-fed ghee butter is available on eBay and Etsy for the US customer’s purchase convenience. For more details of Milkio ghee availability, please check Milkio E-commerce.

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