Is clarified butter healthy? 8 ghee benefits for wellness and fitness

  • August 7, 2021
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Is clarified butter healthy? Perhaps you may ask yourself when you plan to cook/consumer a ghee clarified butter recipe.

The ghee butter’s fat content tickles an uneasiness in our brain that ghee can make us fat, and it is not suitable for heart health.

But gone are those days. Presently, ghee clarified butter has been recognized as a healthy 21st-century superfood by dieticians and modern health freaks that ghee, with its umpteen saturated fats, can offer some health benefits, which are almost synonymous with wellness and fitness.

Ghee promotes smooth digestion.

One of the significant wellness and fitness factors for a human is its digestive health and ghee supports to make it properly functional. You can add ghee in the cooking as well, as you may have grass-fed ghee as a healthy spread on your toast, sandwich, or cream-cracker biscuit.

Ghee in the diet promotes faster digestion by stimulating gastric juice, detoxifying the digestive system, and supports to flush toxins out of the body.

Besides cooking with ghee or using it as a spread like butter, you may use consumer ghee one teaspoon at night or early in the morning with ½ glass lukewarm water. It will help you in detoxifying your digestive system. Is clarified butter healthy? If you are suffering from a chronic indigestion problem, ghee in the diet can be your dietary savior.

Ghee regularizes bowel movement.

An unhealthy dry colon and the problem of constipation are the two sides of a coin. Ghee contains butyrate in the form of butyric acid that helps in natural colon clearance. The lubricating property of ghee clarified butter keeps the digestive tract, colon, and gut soft and allows the smooth evacuation of fecal waste from the body.

Patients suffering from the chronic problem of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and Colitis can count on ghee in the diet remedy or ghee with water to get rid of the problem of irregular bowel movement. Is ghee clarified healthy for the patients with the issue of constipation? You can answer yes!

A healthy colon helps you to enjoy a natural level of fitness and wellness, which you can maintain with ghee clarified in your diet. It answers the fix, “Is clarified butter healthy?”

Mobility of bone joints and healthy bone is a wellness factor.

The ability to walk steadily and to have strength in bones are two significant aspects of enjoying fitness and wellness. Regular exercise can help you to get this benefit, but if you couple ghee diet with moderation in quantity, you can get to enjoy a better scale of mobility irrespective of your age,   

The ghee diet is helpful for people of all age brackets. However, quality awareness and moderation are the two main conditions of enjoying ghee for your wellness. If you are wondering about is clarified butter healthy, this is one of the reasons that will in favor of this dairy delicacy.

You can use clarified butter as a weight-loss food.

Ghee and weight loss? You must have been awestruck! Yes! You have read right, and it can help you to understand why ghee is a new-age superfood.  

The high-fat content of ghee can be a real-life weight-loss food, but you need to know the trick of how you can use ghee in your weight loss diet’s favor.

Ghee high calorie and ghee high-fat content may come at your help if you use in your weight loss diet program, like Keto diet, Paleo diet, or DASH diet famous in the USA. You can add ghee to your morning coffee and turn it into a high-energy morning beverage. Alternatively, cooking with ghee will help you to keep your colon healthy, enjoying smooth digestion, etc.  

Ghee nutrition can help you to stay strong and high glories of ghee in the diet can control your hunger at control, which results in weight loss. However, moderation and an active lifestyle are the prerequisites.  

Ghee as brain care dairy tonic

The human brain is the control room of our fitness and wellbeing, and ghee in the diet is supportive of brain health. So if your dietary concern is “Is clarified butter healthy?” the answer will be “yes” for its brain friendliness. Ghee in their diet nourishes brain cells, and as a consequence, kids may enjoy improved concentration levels. In contrast, elders can enjoy the natural preventive power of their brain against the onset of memory-related diseases.

Is ghee clarified healthy
Is ghee clarified healthy
Ghee clarified butter as an immunity booster 

Ghee nutrition is the backbone for ghee’s health friendliness. Its fact soluble vitamin content, antioxidants, health-friendly fatty acids are why this dairy staple offers its health benefits and strengthening power of the body. One of the best wellness and fitness supports of ghee is its immunity-boosting power. Regular ghee clarified butter in the diet improves the preventive power of the body, and it works as an immunity booster.

As the ghee diet improves overall body resistance power, the answer to the question is clarified butter healthy will surely come to its favor only.

Is clarified butter healthy? Ask your skin and hair.

Clarified butter or ghee can take care of skin and hair in a healthy and wholesome way. Add a ghee diet to your meal planning, and you will find a new glamour in your skin’s look and hair luster.

Adding ghee to the diet is an easy way to enjoy ghee skin and hair care. If you want to check visible results within a fast turnaround time, you may try external massage with ghee to supply an extra boost to your skin and hair beauty.

Not only beauty therapy! Ghee clarified butter can help you also in the treatment of burn and suntan. A regular ghee diet helps in reducing inflammation externally and internally.

Cooking friendly and storage-friendly

 If you analyze is clarified butter friendly or not, you will get to read all the aforementioned ghee benefits in different scholastic articles and theses. But apart from these benefits, cooking with ghee attracts many real-life benefits like

  • Safety of the cooking oil: the higher smoke point of ghee clarified butter is a boon for cooking.
  • Storage friendliness of the cooking oil: Ghee is a shelf-stable cooking oil that you can store up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing.

Clarified butter is versatile cooking oil in comparison to butter and other vegetable oils popular and available in the market by consumer choice. You can use it for low-temperature cooking as well as high-temperature cooking like baking, deep-frying, sautéing, roasting, and slow-cooking, etc. Due to the higher smoke point (485 degrees F), ghee remains stable and safe, and it minimized the risk of producing free radicals in the body.

Do you have the same question hovering in your mind that is clarified butter healthy? We hope that we have explained the benefits of ghee clarified butter in its outline details. But there is a little BUT.

A proverb says anything excess is harmful, and that applies to clarified butter also.  

  • Ghee overeating can put you at the risk of extra fat gaining in the body, which may cause obesity-related diseases.  
  • Adulterated ghee (with impurities) or vegetable ghee may cause you several diseases. It is neither health-friendly nor wholesomely nourishing. So, you have to be sure about the ghee quality.

We hope that you have got the answer to your question is clarified butter healthy.  Now let’s come to the concluding part of the ghee diet conditions.

Ghee overeating:

According to a dairy expert, a healthy adult may consume 3-5 teaspoons of pure grass-fed ghee per day in cooking or as a spread. Patients detected with cardiac disease should consume ghee clarified butter in their diet after consulting their doctor.

Ghee quality:

Only grass-fed ghee is counted as the best quality ghee. So before you purchase clarified butter (ghee), always check the authentic grass-fed dairy product by checking the product label or reading the product review.

Summing up:

If you want to take home the most refined grass-fed butter-made grass-fed clarified butter, then you may try Milkio grass-fed organic ghee. It is a New Zealand product and is made of healthy saturated fat 64%. It offers a high smoke point, making it a safer cooking oil than olive oil or coconut oils in the market.

Milkio Grass-fed cow ghee is certified organic and Non-GMO by BioGro, New Zealand. Its purity is approved by the USDA. It is lactose, gluten, casein, and carb-free dairy, which is Keto and Paleo diet-friendly. Produced from the finest and 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised New Zealand cow milk butter, Milkio ghee is the best answer to the question “is clarified butter healthy.” Try the product and enjoy all the benefits of using pure ghee clarified butter in your diet. Users have appreciated it as wholesome and nutritious and a better butter.

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