How to make ghee from salted butter: a helping guide

  • August 7, 2021
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How to make ghee from salted butter

Are you wondering how to make ghee from salted butter? If yes, you need to follow a few steps appropriately. Making ghee from the salted butter turns out to be a great idea. However, you will have to keep a few things in mind. 

Step 1 of ghee from salted butter

Take the butter out of the freezer and keep it at room temperature for at least half an hour. 

Step 2

Now, take a heavy-bottomed container. It should be broad enough. Heat the butter on a medium flame. You must complete the process on a medium or a medium-low flame. This will help you avoid burning. Keep stirring after every 2 minutes.

Step 3

You will reach a stage where the butter completely melts and starts boiling with a sound. Wait for the liquid to separate.  This is the time when you should be careful. It will start rising to the edge. The mixture becomes foamy. Now when it rises, add some curry leaves to it. Adding curry leaves to the ghee gives it an amazing taste. This is essential tohow to make ghee from salted butter.”

Step 4

Now, switch off the flame. Keep stirring to keep it from overflowing. Make sure you keep it off the stove at the right time. Add a pinch of the rock salt to settle the residue. As an alternative, you can also use drumstick leaves or curry leaves.  

Step 5: ghee from salted butter

Now, strain the ghee carefully into the container without any residue. This is how to make ghee from salted butter.

Why unsalted butter is used for making ghee?

Using unsalted butter for making ghee is a fundamental choice, driven by its role in moisture removal, flavor purity, versatility, salt control, consistency, and health considerations.

  • Removal of Moisture: Unsalted butter contains less moisture, which is crucial as ghee-making involves eliminating water content through evaporation.
  • Purity of Flavor: Unsalted butter ensures the purest, buttery flavor in the final ghee product, free from saltiness.
  • Versatile Use: Unsalted ghee suits a wide range of recipes, whether for cooking, baking, or adding a rich flavor to various dishes.
  • Custom Salt Control: Using unsalted butter allows for precise salt control in your recipes, as you can adjust the salt content as needed.
  • Consistency in Ghee Production: Unsalted butter provides a consistent base for ghee production, ensuring uniform quality and flavor.
  • Health Considerations: Choosing unsalted butter lets individuals monitor and control their salt intake, which is particularly relevant for those with dietary restrictions or health concerns.

What are the disadvantages of making ghee from salted butter?

Making ghee from salted butter can have disadvantages, including:

  • Saltiness: The ghee may retain a salty taste, affecting the flavor of dishes.
  • Less Control: It’s harder to control salt levels, limiting its use in recipes requiring precise salt management.
  • Potential Residue: Salted butter might leave salt crystals or undissolved salt in the ghee.
  • Clarity and Texture: Ghee may be less clear and have a slightly different texture due to the added salt.
  • Limited Use: It may not be suitable for certain recipes where a neutral, unsalted ghee is preferred.
  • Incompatible Flavors: Salted ghee may clash with the intended flavor profiles of some dishes.

Overall, using unsalted butter is preferred for ghee production to avoid these disadvantages and ensure a purer, more versatile product.

Why grass-fed unsalted butter is the best raw ingredient for ghee making?

Grass-fed unsalted butter is the preferred raw ingredient for ghee making due to several factors:

  • Quality Fat Content: Grass-fed butter contains high-quality fats, providing richer and more nutritious ghee.
  • Nutrient Density: It is richer in fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K2), enhancing the nutritional profile of ghee.
  • Neutral Flavor: Unsalted butter ensures a pure, buttery flavor in the final ghee, suitable for various recipes.
  • Control Over Salt: Using unsalted butter allows precise salt control in recipes, giving cooks more flexibility.
  • Consistency: Grass-fed unsalted butter offers a consistent base for ghee production, ensuring uniform quality and flavor.
  • Health Benefits: Grass-fed butter can provide additional health benefits due to its higher omega-3s and CLA content, which carry potential advantages.

These factors make grass-fed unsalted butter the best choice for those seeking to produce the highest quality, most versatile, and nutritious ghee.

Final words

Whenever you are preparing ghee at home, it can last for around three months at room temperature. You do not need to refrigerate it in an air-tight container. Make sure you do not give any opportunity to the bad bacteria to grow. The process of ‘how to make ghee from salted butter’ turns out to be a great idea.  

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