How long does ghee last? Learn how to store it longer easily

  • August 17, 2021
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how long does ghee last?

Clarified butter or ghee has recently gained popularity due to its health benefits and its usefulness in the kitchen. Since it is shelf-stable most people keep it in their cupboards, but how long does ghee last? And how can it be stored? Here are the facts about ghee that you should know.

Getting ghee on hand is like having a ready supply of browned butter to use with every recipe. We estimate that 2/3 of the jobs we do with butter can be achieved almost as well with ghee. Ghee can be kept unopened for nine months in a cold, quiet, and not-necessarily-refrigerated place.

How long does ghee last
how long does ghee last
How to keep ghee fresh for a longer time?
Now that you know how long does ghee last, the question is, how to keep it fresh for as long as possible. Here are some tips-
  • Try putting it in an airtight jar and putting it in a cold, dark cabinet. If you’re worried about your pot of ghee spoiling during the summer, leave it in the fridge. Ghee can safely be stored at room temperature for three months, although colder temperatures can extend its shelf life by several months.
how long does ghee last
how long does ghee last
  • A container can be stored on your counter for three months after it has been opened. The open box can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a year after that. Ghee can be frozen permanently in the freezer at 0°F.
  • Recurrent opening and closure of the ghee jar will expose it to moisture, potentially causing it to spoil. The only solution for this issue is to divide the ghee into two tubes.
  • Glass containers can carry huge ghee batches, while steel containers can hold small quantities of ghee for regular use. It is essential to choose the right material for ghee containers.

Many people purchase ghee from supermarkets wondering how long does ghee last; it usually comes with a “best before date” sticker. However, the following detail refers to all ghee types, whether homemade, cultured, spiced or otherwise. If you like to buy good quality ghee, Milkio provides great ghee products derived from 100% authentic quality cow milk. They are a trustworthy brand with USFDA certification, and they give the best ghee products. Now you can place your order on eBay and Etsy for deliveries in the USA. 

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