Ghee Tastes Disgusting: 3 reasons ghee can lose its freshness & flavor

  • August 7, 2021
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Ghee Tastes Disgusting

Ghee Tastes Disgusting? Well, this may have several reasons. Delicious ghee brings versatility to the kitchen. Hence, with time, it is not ghee that tastes disgusting, but the question is, ‘Can ghee go bad?’ Knowing the answer to this question becomes essential as it is not entirely about production but also storage. 

While the taste of ghee is quite unassuming, here’s the fact that ghee is an entirely tasteless dairy product. Although it has its natural flavor and essence, it acts as a taste enhancer. It is another reason why ghee is used on the top of several dishes as garnishing. However, one thing to note is using pure ghee to enjoy the elite ghee benefits and nutrition. 

Storage And Shelf life

On that note, ghee tastes best when stored appropriately. It happens due to the shelf stability of the dairy. It has a higher shelf life as compared to butter due to the absence of milk solids. Hence, it would be best to place a ghee jar in a dark place (away from sunlight) without worries. After opening the pot, you can store premium grass-fed ghee at room temperature for 18 months from the manufacturing date. You can keep it in the refrigerator for one year as well.


Ghee Tastes Disgusting: how does it happen? 

However, you have to store ghee in an airtight container. Ghee is photosensitive, so you should keep it away from light exposure. Direct exposure to light or heat may produce high chances to build moisture inside the jar. Moisture intrusion can turn the ghee rancid. Eventually, rancid ghee tastes disgusting, sour, and does not deliver any nutty/fresh essence. The ghee may start deteriorating if the shelf life of the ghee expires or gets tampered with. Once you notice such symptoms, it’s time to know that the jar is not the right one to store ghee or the place is unsuitable.

Ghee tastes disgusting: What’s The Take? 

On a concluding note, now that you know the basics and have stored ghee beyond its shelf-life or have kept it in unsuitable conditions, you know why it tastes bad. However, remember that ghee does not go rancid like butter. In the worst of cases, ghee turns sour exactly like rancid oils do. As a result, you will know that your ghee tastes disgusting because it has turned rotten and lost its freshness, creamy texture, taste, or nutty flavor. 

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