Can Ghee Go bad? Know the complete shelf life story of Ghee

  • August 17, 2021
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Can ghee go bad

 When it comes to Ghee and butter, people usually got confused! However, Ghee is nothing but clarified butter, and both are not the same at all. Usually, people purchase or prepare the amount of Ghee according to their use, but if you want to know can Ghee go bad, then you are in the right place. Keep reading the whole post to understand things in detail.   

You must know the answer question of can Ghee go bad or not so that you can buy the exact amount of Ghee for you from the store.

Let’s discuss the shelf life and storage of Ghee 

Ghee storage and shelf life

If you are using Ghee in most of the dishes, you will never face any issue because you can use it all before it goes bad. If you occasionally use Ghee, then for you, it’s essential to know about can Ghee go bad? or what is the shelf life of Ghee. But nothing to worry about much because Ghee has an extensive shelf life, which is more than butter.

can Ghee go bad
can Ghee go bad

You can easily store an unopened ghee jar in the dark and room temperature for up to 9 months which is more than enough. Once you opened the jar, your Ghee will last for six months, so try to finish Ghee in between. 

Here many of you may have a question that can we store Ghee in the refrigerator?

The answer is pretty simple, yes, obviously if you already have a huge amount of Ghee, then to maintain the quality, you can freeze it in freezer bags. This process will enhance the shelf life of Ghee up to three months.

can Ghee go bad
can Ghee go bad
Final words 

If you have the question, can Ghee go bad

Then the answer is yes, it can go bad, but not the way butter does. Butter can go bad quickly as compared to ghee. Ghee usually lasts longer if you can store it properly with care. To check whether your Ghee is rancid or not, you can taste it or match your Ghee color. Regular Ghee usually yellowish in color, and if you find any different color, then your Ghee lost its sweetness and got rancid.     

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